Yesterday the Ryan-Murray budget passed broke through the filibuster in the Senate. The Democratic namesake of the agreement, Patty Murray, went on to the Senate floor to trash her own bill before voting for it, noting it did nothing to create jobs nor help the unemployed.

Her defense relied on claims that the Republicans wanted an even worse budget. In other words, Murray echoed the new Democratic rationalization for selling out “embrace the suck.” Or, perhaps more aptly stated “this is the best we can do, sorry.”

One provision of the bill that seemed to be so atrocious even the compromise at any price Democrats would fold on was the attack on military pensions. But no, while the budget is an incredible reckless give away to campaign contributors the defense industry when it comes to the lowly soldiers themselves that’s where the Democratic Party drew the line.

At a news conference on Tuesday to oppose the budget deal, Graham asked: “Of all the people we could have picked on to screw, how could we have arrived here?”

Military retirees stand to lose a full percentage point from their cost-of-living raises when they retire after a minimum of 20 years of service. The House passed the budget plan last week, and the Senate is expected to vote Wednesday.

Corporations are people my friend – and by that standard this budget does help some people. But yes federal workers, including those who fought for the country, are getting screwed.

The proposal affects military retirees who aren’t yet 62 years old. Yet, experts say that most military retirees are younger than private sector retirees, because they enlist in their 20′s and retire in their 40′s, with very few staying on till they are 62.

When compounded, the 1 percentage point cut could result in more than a 20% reduction in retiree pensions over 20 years.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Maybe the veterans can pick up a second job at Raytheon or Lockheed Martin, they are set to do quite well in this budget. It seems the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex did a great job ensuring its own survival – in fact expansion – but for the lowly human beings that help grind the gears it’s time to perform one more service for the country – embrace the suck.