Remember when those NSA officials and President Obama claimed they needed to spy on Americans because it would prevent terrorist attacks? Even saying it already had prevented attacks and “saved lives”? Yeah, about that, actually not true. Obama, NSA, and friends were lying.

According to NBC News one of the White House Panel members on the committee to reform the NSA has disclosed that not one-single-solitary-attack was stopped from the NSA surveillance program.

A member of the White House review panel on NSA surveillance said he was “absolutely” surprised when he discovered the agency’s lack of evidence that the bulk collection of telephone call records had thwarted any terrorist attacks.

“It was, ‘Huh, hello? What are we doing here?’” said Geoffrey Stone, a University of Chicago law professor, in an interview with NBC News. “The results were very thin.”

So the NSA has been caught in yet another lie. Will we ever believe them again? Should we?

But it is hard to believe – given we live in such a dangerous world – that there is not at least some evidence the program may have helped protect the country. That by vacuuming up all that data at least something came out of it to help protect us from terrorist attacks.

While Stone said the mass collection of telephone call records was a “logical program” from the NSA’s perspective, one question the White House panel was seeking to answer was whether it had actually stopped “any [terror attacks] that might have been really big.”

“We found none,” said Stone.

So when Obama said “lives have been saved” he was not only wrong, but he knew he was wrong. And when the NSA claimed 13 attacks had been thwarted they knew that wasn’t true.

And now they want us to trust them to reform themselves and show “self-restraint”? No. Either the Supreme Court or Congress (or both) need to step in and rein in a clearly out of control and dishonest executive branch. There has been too many lies to keep going on like this.