House Republicans do not seem to understand nor agree with Jesus’ message yet they want the celebration of his mythical birth to be protected with the force of law.

After spending a term outright attacking the poor and meek – whom Jesus spoke favorably of – House Republicans want the symbols of Christ’s birth to be protected from a phantom menace.

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) on Tuesday vowed to protect Christmas against what he called a “vocal minority” offended by its symbols and traditions…

The congressman is among a growing number of conservatives who have vowed to resist “the war on Christmas” that they say threatens to turn the holiday into a secular celebration. Many of them have charged, for example, that it’s become less politically correct to use a Christmas greeting exclusively.

Symbols over substance.

The House GOP have helped leave the unemployed out in the cold and fought to cut food stamps. They are the very biblical definition of wicked people with no love nor care for their fellow man. Heaven is likely not in their future given the opportunities they will likely soon seek on K Street and Wall Street.

Nonetheless, in an effort to rally the base and aggrandize themselves the House GOP will continue the “war on Christmas” battle if no other reason then they miss having a war on something.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

Photo by Soerfm under Creative Commons license.