John Schindler, previously an analyst at the NSA and currently a professor at the Naval War College, has been making some interesting claims about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Schindler’s voracious criticism and credentials have gotten him noticed by various media outlets who want a favorable perspective on the NSA to balance their programs with.

But on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell Schindler went full Godwin’s Law on Snowden, drawing a comparison between Snowden and some of the 20th century’s greatest mass murders.

Passion is nice, passion is good. Joseph Stalin was passionate. Adolf Hitler was passionate. We just buried Nelson Mandela who showed us how to enact passion in the cause of justice. Is what Edward Snowden is doing about justice or about a personal agenda, I’d really like to know.

Are Hitler and Stalin at all relevant to this issue? And even if you believe Snowden betrayed his country, as Schindler does, is that on parallel with the Holocaust? Why even invoke those names?

Schindler has a history of making questionable statements. But his issues with Snowden also include the alleged belief that Snowden is a Russian defector and is working for the Russian intelligence services – the FSB. A claim he has repeatedly raised without providing any evidence for.

“Alleged belief” meaning it is questionable as to whether Schindler even believes this claim or simply remains in his old mindset of being a counterintelligence operative for the NSA. On Schindler’s blog, 20 Committee, he ends his introduction in the About section quoting the old counterspy’s mantra: Admit nothing; deny everything; make counter-accusations.

Snowden accuses NSA of illegally spying on the American people – Schindler admits nothing, denies everything, and says Snowden is a Russian agent. Old habits die hard.