(Children being instructed by Jabhat Al Nusra, an Islamist group affiliated with Al Qaeda)

Al Qaeda, newly empowered with US made weapons, has decided to put down some roots in Syria. The terrorist group has started a school in the southern Syrian town of Daraa where it teaches its 30 or so students to wage jihad.

Video footage from the school shows students learning by rote passages from the Koran, reading “our path is the path of jihad.” The use of child soldiers by rebel forces, including the more “moderate” Free Syrian Army (FSA), has been documented, and shows how the lessons learned in the school may quickly be turned into action.

On the walls of the classroom hang posters featuring verses from the Koran, including one praising jihadist “martyrs,” explaining that they aren’t “dead” but rather “living” with Allah.

The title of the video is “بالفيديو مدارس جبهة «النصرة» الانتحارية للأطفال في درعا” which translates roughly as “Video Schools Front «victory» suicide for children in Daraa.”

The story comes from Israeli national news and the video does show Jabhat Al Nusra flags throughout. Al Nusra famously joined an alliance with Al Qaeda early in the Syrian Civil War.

So it seems Al Qaeda has quite a foothold in Syria, recently empowered by capturing US weapons that were foolishly dumped into the country by the masters of universe who run US foreign policy. Let’s just be thankful that the Obama Administration gave up on bombing Al Qaeda’s opponents in Syria – the Assad government. Otherwise Al Qaeda might be running a great many schools instead of one. Let’s also hope those US weapons Al Qaeda captured – after President Obama bypassed a terrorist arms control law to send them to Syria – don’t make a difference on the battlefield.