The Roundup for January 30th, 2014

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Hey folks, how’s it going?

State of the Union Aftermath Day 2

– The climate crisis we are experiencing can’t be solved through Obama’s poor energy policy as more aggressive changes are needed.

– Hey remember when President Obama said women should get equal pay? Yeah, that’s been said over the past 50 years.

International Developments


– Pew: Asian countries mostly view the elderly as a “major problem” with 82 percent of Japanese topping the list. The U.S. is at 26 percent.

– The U.S. is saying Russia might have violated a nuclear arms treaty, but is reviewing. Still, they warn NATO allies to be cautious.

– Iran is saying Obama’s point at SOTU on how sanctions led the country to the table was “delusional.

Middle East

– The U.S. and the U.K. are both questioning why the Syrian process to remove chemical weapons is taking too long.

– After a new report showed that U.S. aid has been heavily misused in Afghanistan, the U.S. government responds that it’s all untrue.

– Kerry and his team will return to Israel in order to have one final push for peace.

– In Iraq, suicide bombers killed at least 24 in the Minister of Transportation.

– A leader of a Sunni Arab tribe has called for the government to stop its bombings in Falluja as civilians were being killed, rather than militants.

– Leaked documents by the Bureau show all 330 drone strikes, the location of the strike and how many died


– On Feb. 20, an assembly will be elected in Libya to start forming a constitution. Not sure if it’s stable enough to do that.

– In Egypt, 11 Islamists who posted anti-police calls for violence on Facebook were arrested.


Turmoil faces the Danish government after one party has backed away from the coalition government, whom have made a deal with Goldman Sachs to get more control of a state-run company.

– It’s the 42nd anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Derry where 14 people marching for civil rights were shot by the British. This article gives a history of it and things the British have withheld that need to be released.

Surveillance Planet

– Snowden document: The N.S.A. was snooping during Copenhagen 2009 during the U.N. climate talks for the U.S. to gain advantages. Utterly disgusting.

– David Cameron believes U.K. public doesn’t care too much on NSA leaks and have moved on. What?

– Emptywheel: “Adel Daoud Wins Review of FISA Application

Financial Matters

– The Federal Reserve is increasing its interest rate. Why? It’s just helps banks, rather than us.

– Here’s a great question. If JPMorgan is a part of so much scandal-ridden events, then why does anyone do business with it?

– CEPR has more on the fourth quarter report released that shows GDP rising at 3.2 percent. Consumption makes up 70.9 percent of that and health care spending slows down.

Labor’s a-Brewing

Here’s an article talking on a few places to eat that respect their workers for a living wage and might be near your area.

– Staples tries to take away Postal Service jobs by offering non-union private sector jobs that do the same as the USPS. Thankfully, protests are being made to counter this

Politics US

Washington USA

– The RNC has decided to boycott MSNBC until its President apologizes for a tweet stating they wouldn’t support biracial families in Cheerios ads

– Pew: 52 percent of Americans see Iraq War as a failure mostly. The same percentage cite Afghanistan War as well.

– House Republicans make a document to allow undocumented immigrants to stay here, but wouldn’t give them a path to citizenship

– Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) has decided not to seek another term, ending his 40-year career.

– Calls continue to increase for Obama to take executive action to stop deportations as he is the President with the most deportations.

– Pew: 47 percent of uninsured Americans view ACA as negative, 24 percent see it positive and 28 percent are unsure.

– The U.S. government is going ahead with its push to seek the death penalty for Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

– Justice Dept. will be expanding its use of clemency for drug offenders in the U.S.

Anytown USA

– Gallup: 56 percent of uninsured Americans will get their health insurance through government, while 22 percent are unsure.

– If you’re black, the most dangerous city to be is in Omaha, Nebraska as the most homicides for blacks occurred there with 34.43 per 100,000.

– Pew: Asian Americans are unsure as to whether immigration system requires any reform with around half saying yes or no.

– Joe McCarthy had some help in his anti-communist hysteria: big business.

– Bill de Blasio, NYC mayor, seeks to stop appeal to reverse decision on stop-and-frisk. Good news.

States with the death penalty are having those on death row endure longer and more painful deaths with new methods

– Yahoo! now was under attack by hackers and ordered affected accounts to change their passwords.

We Don’t Need No Education

– In Salt Lake City, Utah, kids who are in debt had their lunches seized because apparently that’s effective in someone’s tiny world.

Top Gun (Stories)

– Gallup: 55 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with current gun laws and wish for more strict regulations for weapons

–  A federal judge upheld Connecticut’s law to ban large-capacity magazines and some weapons.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Scientific American has called for the U.S. government to allow cannabis, MDMA and LSD research to be done and remove them from Schedule I list of drugs.

The Second Sex

– The continuation of attacks on the rights of pregnant women in the U.S. is growing at a disturbing rate.

– A dangerous proposal in Indiana will release public names of the doctors who treat abortion complications.

Planet Earth

– Neil Young has lent his support to First Nation in their struggle against hydrofracking.

– Angry Birds was hacked by “friends” of the Syrian Electronic Army after NSA revelations that their “leaky” apps was open to surveillance

– Ireland is ultimately deciding to cut its turf or peat by allowing people to cut it in certain areas. This isn’t good news for the climate.

– To monitor radiation levels in Fukushima, Japan will be using drones to fly overhead for safety reasons.

– Out of the University of Washington, a troubling story found another casualty of climate change: baby penguins that can’t survive in their environment and dying as a result.

17 companies have divested from fossil fuel companies, which is $1.8 billion for those interested.

– Something not talked about in India is the coal industry and how people’s health are at jeopardy for profits.

– Obama has overturned bans on allowing shark fin soup in a few states, leading to some to criticizing him for doing so.

– In Atlanta, nine people died as a result of the weather and a whole lot of questions are being asked against politicians.

Mixed Bag

– Amy Goodman remembers Pete Seeger and the impact he has had throughout his life.

– A new, breaking study has found that bones are “cool.

Break Time

Everybody’s Changing

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