The Rockefeller Group, the real estate developer at the center of one of Governor Chris Christie’s scandals, has decided to dismiss a powerful law firm connected to the Christie Administration. Wolff Samson, the law firm associated with Port Authority Director and former General Counsel for Chris Christie’s gubernatorial campaign, has been dropped by the Rockefeller Group amidst a public relations disaster following allegations by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Mayor Zimmer accused Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno of relaying a message from Governor Christie that said the city of Hoboken would not receive Sandy aid unless it approved the Rockefeller Group’s project in Hoboken. A project being lobbied for by the law firm of Wolff Samson.

The Rockefeller Group announced today that it has ended its contract with the prominent West Orange law firm Wolff & Samson after seven years, the report said. “Given the investigation, we’ve decided to shift our work on the project to another firm,” Dwayne Doherty, a spokesman for the developer, told the newspaper.

The dismissal comes as reports surface on the amazing reach and power of Wolff Samson in the Christie era. The firm has successfully lobbied for some of the biggest corporations in the world and become one of the premiere firms thanks to its association with Chris Christie – raking in big fees and augmenting its reputation for influence.

Honeywell paid Wolff & Samson $80,000 in lobbying fees in 2010 to lobby agencies like the Economic Development Authority. It paid off. In July of 2010, Gov. Chris Christie (R) pledged to introduce a bill to increase the EDA’s Business Retention and Relocation Assistance Grant program, which gave businesses tax incentives for keeping jobs in the state…

Indeed, the firm’s annual lobbying revenues have exploded during the Christie years, from $43,000 in 2009 to well north of $1 million in 2012 and 2013. New clients, like Walmart, Verizon and the Rockefeller Group have paid Samson’s firm hundreds of thousands of dollars since Christie took office — a major sum in state politics.

While the famous line from A History Of The World is “It’s good to be the King”, it’s also pretty good to know him and for other people to know you know him. Wolff Samson’s relationship with Christie has improved their lobbying and legal business to the degree that they were at one point considered the most powerful firm in the state.

But now it seems as more information is coming out about their and the Christie Administration’s dubious tactics for “getting things done” Wolff Samson and its founder David Samson are losing their luster.