Friday was a tough day for Governor Chris Christie as one of his senior appointees to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, David Wildstein, claimed Christie had lied at his notorious two hour press conference and that he had the evidence to prove it. Wildstein’s claim led the news – local and national – going into the Super Bowl which was played in New Jersey this year.

And now another shoe has dropped in the Bridgegate scandal as Christina Renna, who was mentioned in the emails and is under subpoena, has resigned as Governor Christie’s director of intergovernmental affairs.

A spokesman for Christie, Colin Reed, declined to comment on Renna’s departure…

Documents that Wildstein provided to state lawmakers under subpoena show that Renna relayed a message to Kelly about the chaos the lane closures were causing Sept. 12, one day before the lanes were reopened.

The emails between Bridget Kelly and Christina Renna seem to imply some outside understanding of the situation concerning the improper and illegal lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. Renna relays a conversation to Kelly about one of her staffers accidentally taking a call from the Mayor of Fort Lee, Mark Sokolich, and her handling of it.

Renna’s email also notes the hardship being experienced by emergency workers trying to do their job amidst the massive traffic jam.

“The mayor is extremely upset about the reduction of toll lanes from 3 to 1,” Renna wrote in the email to Kelly, according to a copy of the Wildstein documents released by state lawmakers. “Not only is is [sic] causing a horrendous traffic back up in town, First Responders are having a terrible time maneuvering the traffic because the back up is so severe…

“Evan told the fine mayor he was unaware that the toll lanes were closed, but he would see what he could find out.”

The tone of the email struck many as odd, especially when the email also pointed out that the reason “Evan” took the call is because Mayor Sokolich called on an unfamiliar number – making it seem as though Christie staff were purposely avoiding his calls. Why? Were they ordered to?

The resignation of Christina Renna brings the count to five of members of Team Christie to be out of a job over the Bridgegate scandal, the others being; David Wildstein, Bill Baroni, Bridget Kelly, and Bill Stepien.  Other members of Governor Christie’s staff are implicated in a coverup of Bridgegate such as his Communications Director, Michael Drewniak.

Are there more resignations to come?

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