Last night during a radio interview Governor Chris Christie gave his first statement on Bridgegate in three weeks. In the interview Christie changed his story on when he learned about the now notorious illegal lane closures on the George Washington Bridge.

The change comes after Governor Christie’s appointee at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, David Wildstein, claimed through his attorney that Christie had lied at his marathon press conference about knowing about not knowing about the lane closures, saying he had evidence to the contrary.

Christie’s office initially denied that he knew about the traffic problems until after they were over, pointing to several statements from the governor.

But on TownSquare Media’s “Ask the Governor” on Monday, Christie acknowledged for the first time that he may have been aware of the closures at the time. But he said that if he was, they did not get his attention.

Oh the tangled web of traffic we weave.

The (now revised) claim on not knowing about the lane closures is one of the many things Governor Christie said during his two-hour press conference that proved to be untrue. Also untrue was that none of his remaining staff knew about the closures until after the fact.

Christina Renna, who resigned last Friday, was revealed in a subpoenaed document to be receiving information on the lane closures during the event. She was communicating with Bridget Kelly who responded to a legislative subpoena last night, first reported while Christie was on air, by claiming Fifth Amendment protections.

Bill Stepien, Governor Christie’s campaign manager and longtime associate, also took the 5th which along with Wildstein and Kelly makes a total of three former Christie staffers refusing to talk about their behavior while working for Christie for fear of exposing themselves to criminal prosecution.

Not exactly confidence inspiring for the leader of the Republican Governors Association to have a staff full of people needing self-incrimination protection for discussing their public service. Though Governor Christie’s RGA tenure is also raising questions.