After the story broke that David Wildstein was willing to finger Governor Chris Christie in the ever expanding Bridgegate scandal, Team Christie decided to do an opposition research dump on David Wildsten which relayed bizarre allegations including that Wildstein was disliked by one of his High School teachers.

The oppo dump was apparently to show that Wildstein had a history of dishonesty and transgressive conduct. But that seems like an odd charge to make against someone you appointed to a high ranking position within a very important public authority. In fact, Governor Christie not only appointed Wildstein to a high position in the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, he created the job especially for him.

Christie’s special position for Wildstein has now been eliminated by the Port Authority.

In all the vast history of the sprawling bureaucracy known as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey there has never been a job like it. It came with no actual job description. In the end, it had only one occupant, and he didn’t even have to submit a résumé. Nobody seemed to have the vaguest idea what he was really doing. But he was paid $150,020.

The job of director of interstate capital projects, a special niche created for David Wildstein, the central figure in the George Washington Bridge scandal, has officially been abolished, the agency confirmed yesterday.

The job Governor Christie created as to be his “eyes and ears at the Port Authority.” To help Christie pursue his political agenda which included serving current and future campaign donors and supporters.

In fact, according to officials at the Port Authority, David Wildstein and his boss Bill Baroni considered their real constituency not to be the people of New York and New Jersey but Governor Christie himself.

Wildstein was hired by former Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni, with the blessing of Gov. Chris Christie. Emails and other revelations now seem to indicate his job title may have been just a cover for serving the political interest of the governor.

“On many occasions I heard both he and Baroni say they have only one constituent: Chris Christie,” said a former official, one of two who asked for anonymity because they did not want to jeopardize colleagues still at the agency.

Baroni and Wildstein have now both resigned from the Port Authority and are under subpoena by the New Jersey legislature’s investigating committee. Baroni and Wildstein were both, according to emails disclosed under subpoena, part of a cover up of the political nature of Bridgegate by claiming that the lanes on the George Washington Bridge were closed due to a “traffic study.” Baroni even gave a full presentation to the New Jersey Assembly Transportation Committee on the “traffic study.” Now a subject of interest by the new investigative committee.

While further evidence may be presented on what Governor Christie knew and when he knew it, his team’s campaign against Wildstein raises more questions than answers.