A document obtained by Mother Jones provides more evidence for a massive and secret funding network designed and maintained by Charles and David Koch. The Koch Brothers hold a closed access event in Palm Springs each year where they discuss how to buy the American political system – a much easier task to complete after the Citizen’s United Supreme Court Decision.

According to the document there is a cabal of 1%ers from Wall Street to the restaurant business dedicated to thwarting progressive candidates and legislation.

The document lists VIP donors—including John Schnatter, the founder of the Papa John’s pizza chain—who were scheduled for one-on-one meetings with representatives of the political, corporate, and philanthropic wings of Kochworld. The one-page document, provided to Mother Jones by a hotel guest who discovered it, offers a fascinating glimpse into the Kochs’ political machine and shows how closely intertwined it is with Koch Industries, their $115 billion conglomerate.

The more than 40 donors courted by the Kochs include hedge fund and private-equity billionaires, real estate tycoons, and executives of top corporations, including Jockey International and TRT Holdings, owner of Omni Hotels and Gold’s Gym.

The 1%’s ad hoc Politiburo met at the Renaissance Esmeralda resort outside of Palm Springs, California, to discuss the 2014 midterm elections and how to protect and expand their various business interests.

The Washington Post had an earlier expose of the far reaching network but some names were apparently missing as well as any inside information on the annual retreat where the richest of the rich decide who should and should not receive vital and consequential political support.

The meeting list illustrates the interwoven nature of the Koch brothers’ corporate, political, and philanthropic activities. The donor meetings featured various senior Koch Industries executives, including the company’s chief financial officer, Steve Feilmeier. He was scheduled to join Charles Koch for a sit down with Berg. Charles Koch’s 36-year-old son, Chase, the president of Koch Fertilizer, was also scheduled to take part in a meeting with a donor named George Gibbs..

At least half of the one-on-one sessions involved representatives of Americans for Prosperity, the political advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers and their top political adviser and strategist, Richard Fink, a Koch Industries executive vice president and board member.

Is it still a conspiracy theory to say the Koch Brothers have disproportionate power compared to other citizens in this so-called free republic? Does the average American have this kind of political machine that can so forcefully influence political events?

The reality is the Koch Brothers are a power onto themselves and their organizations, previously secret, are having a major and consequential influence on what remains of our democracy.