Top Ten At Ten 2/7/2014

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Some of the stories from today’s Top Ten At Ten.

* OWS Twitter Feed Hijacked by Google Exec Who Claims #IFoundedOccupyWallSt (I Acknowledge)

* Chris Christie update: Toast in Texas (Salon)

* Department of Labor May Raise Wages for Disabled Federal Contractors, After All (In These Times)

* Turkey passes draconian internet law, Turks say goodbye to their freedom of speech (Gigaom)

* Fed Is Misled by Wealth Effect (Bloomberg) & US CEOs made tens of billions on stock market rally (World Socialist Web Site)

* Nudge nudge, say no more. Brits’ minds will be controlled without us knowing it (Guardian)

As always if you see a story worth looking at please leave it in the comments section or tweet me.

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