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International Politics


- Talks at Geneva II are breaking down with no progress being made as Syria is accusing the U.S. of creating a “negative climate” at the talks

- During his Asia tour, Secretary of State John Kerry has refused to answer any questions over the latest reports of NSA spying on lawyers working with Indonesian government

- Meanwhile, he has called Assad supporters to force the regime to change or be liable for any damage Assad’s government causes

- President Obama has criticized the anti-gay law in Uganda by calling it a huge-step backwards

- Mitt Romney now is criticizing Russia for spending so much for its Olympic games 

Middle East

- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas tells young Israeli activists visiting that he has no plans of sending Palestinian refugees to Israel

Asia and Oceania

- More than 400 Nepal workers have died to prepare for the Qatar World Cup according to a report yet to be released


- Egypt has undergone a population explosion as tensions continue to rise and the economy is sluggish 

- Meanwhile, an Egyptian driver and three South Korean tourists died in a bus blast earlier today. Major figures in Egypt have denounced the attack.

- Suspected militants in Nigeria have killed dozens in a village after raiding it. 90 is the figure being reported on

- Lawyers for Mohamed Morsi have withdrew from his trial in protest of not hearing their client in the trial

- 11 miners in South Africa who were trapped in an illegal gold mine operation have been rescued


- Protesters in Kiev have left city hall in return for the release of prisoners arrested by the state

- European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso: If Scotland becomes independent, then I don’t think they could join the EU

- Turkish Parliament passed a bill that allows the government to have a stronger hold over the judiciary branch. The vote left one lawmaker with a broken nose after a fight erupted. 

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro holds a rally of his own to bring peace to the country in response to the opposition protests 

Surveillance Planet

- Snowden document: Lawyers hired by the Indonesia government were spied upon by the NSA. Does that mean lawyers in general can be spied on? Emptywheel has more on this.

- Rania Khalek writes on how the LAPD went to Israel to discover the wonders of drone and surveillance technology to use back home

Financial Matters

- Part three of three with John Weeks on how neo-liberalism has created a culture contrary to principles of democracy for the rest of the working class

- Kickstarter was hacked with customer data being stolen; It seems Target was warned two months before the security breach that it could be hacked and they “brushed off” the information

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Richard Eskow of Campaign for America’s Future lists 10 reasons to why the $10.10 minimum wage idea is not enough for workers

- A victory occurred in Oregon when workers decided not to merge into a top-down union structure 

- In Tennessee, workers at the Volkswagon plant have decided not to join the United Auto Workers union in a close vote

Politics US

Washington USA

- 18 members of Congress have created and signed a letter to President Obama asking him to reschedule cannabis

- How can one debate killing a U.S. citizen in a calm manner when they are deciding to kill a U.S. citizen?

- The number of U.S. soldiers who have committed crimes or faced misconduct and been forced out of the Army due to those reasons has soared in recent years 

Anytown USA

- Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin talks to The Real News on why she became an activist and her upbringing in the first part of this four-part interview

- If a conversation about race would happen in this country, then, as this article highlights, the issue of black radicals in our history must be brought up

- Here is a tragic piece on how those in the LGBTQ community are left out of the discussion on undocumented immigrants

- Local TV news, a place where Americans typically get their information on the world from, is a pathetic place of where the capitalist ensures his or her voice is heard often times verbatim as this piece and video shows.

- A mistrial on first-degree murder charge for Michael Dunn occurred in his trial for murdering Jordan Davis. Yet, he was guilty on second-degree murder. Let’s hope it comes out guilty. The family of Davis, however, view this as a serious setback and a mistake when children are viewed as “collateral damage”

- With the arrival of the upper-class in San Francisco, it might be time to say the city will be losing its liberal status 

- From Harper’s Magazine, it’s the Feb. 2014 Harper’s Index 

We Don’t Need No Education

- In the U.S., one-third of high school students are drug tested. Here’s the question: Why?

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- Now, loneliness is considered more dangerous to the health of the elderly in the U.S. than obesity is since those lonely are more likely to die than those who are overweight

- In this excerpt of Jonathan Rottenberg’s book on depression, he exposes on how self-books are just another fraud in the system designed to crush our souls

The Second Sex

- President Obama talks a lot of game (he might even be all game, but I digress), but when discussing the issue of equal pay for women there must be serious and aggressive action taken

Planet Earth

- Scientists have found that, even without global warming, atmospheric temperatures will rise due to the expansion of cities 

- There is probably a radiation leak at a military nuclear site in New Mexico when uncommonly high levels of radioactive particles were discovered

Mixed Bag

- Which animal was the first to have two nostrils? A jawless fish.

- “NFL Camera Operators Prepare For Challenging Year Of Avoiding Offensive Michael Sam Signs

Break Time

- Purple Haze