It’s Friday. How has your week been?

It has been 49 years since Malcolm X was assassinated.

International Politics


- At the International Criminal Court, lawyers with Reprieve, a human rights organization, filed a complaint against NATO allies for war crimes involving drone strikes

- A coalition of human rights groups called for the International Olympic Committee to force nations hosting the Olympics to not have any discriminatory laws

Middle East

- One of the top clerics in Iran warned if the United States attacks Iran, then the country will strike back

- Arab Sunni tribes in Iraq decided to unite to defeat al-Qaeda by protecting their areas

- The Syrian Air Force increased bombardment in southern area of Syria

Asia and Oceania

- China is warning the United States for Barack Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama as it would impact Sino-American relations


- In Egypt, history is providing lessons that are repeating in the country as turmoil continues

- The United Nations is reporting that civilians in South Sudan are the main victims of the violence there due to ethnicity

- 9 al-Shabaab militants died as they were attacking the Presidential place in Somalia


- Good news out of Ukraine as both sidesagreed to a deal that will have a new elections and a new government along with a few other provisions but people are still protesting in the streetsThe Guardian has full details of today’s events and the full text of the agreement here

- The Sochi Olympic Games are represented in a negative light by Western media, almost meriting something in return 

- The last Buddy Cole segment on The Colbert Report on the situation in Sochi and the gay community there

- IMF head Christine Lagarde pretty much says “Let them eat cake” when remarking there was enough of a social safety net in place in Greece to help Greeks (thanks to your imperial bourgeois antics, you’ve let the neo-Nazis come out throughout Europe as millions suffer in poverty)

- In related news, an article remarks that both the troika and the Greek government have been “in denial” on the effects of austerity

- A proposal has arisen in Spain to bar companies from donating money to political parties; Interesting development

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- Who is Leopoldo López? Where did he come from and what’s his motive for coming out now? Max Blumenthal talks about this here.

- The drug war plaguing Mexico for years has its origin within the neoliberal policies conducted by the elites

- The opposition in Venezuela is using this opportunity to overthrow the government to ensure a society of capitalism with haves and have-nots

- The poor in Venezuela joined the protests, a significant sign, as the country sends troops to the border to stop protests and revokes CNN journalists’ credentials from covering the situation.

Surveillance Planet

- Emptywheel: “GAP, POGO, Experience Break-Ins

Financial Matters

- It seems the independent film industry may be heading into a place of exploitation and lots of subsidies, a worrying sign

- Gallup: 54 percent of Americans view foreign trade as an “opportunity” rather than a “threat”

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Here’s an interview by The Real News on whether $10.10 in minimum wage would be significant to her livelihood

- With all this talk about state pensions being a major problem for states, there is little in discussionrelative to corporate subsidies given 

- Ralph Nader further discusses the problems within the CBO report on a minimum wage increase

- UAW has filed a complaint with the National Labor Review Board on union vote in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Politics US

Washington USA

- Natasha Lennard discusses a new plan by the FCC to put government agents in the news to observe how news is collected. Are…are you serious?

- In serious news, hard-hitting testimony to be remembered years from now will be delivered to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Congo by self-proclaimed expert Ben Affleck

- The American Psychological Association rejected a call to ban any assistance for the military on interrogation

- The Justice Dept. revised rules on leak investigations by saying it will notify news organization about obtaining records beforehand to allow news organization to challenge subpoenas or search warrants

- The federal government will pay less to private health insurers in Medicare Advantage plans in the future

- President Obama barred the media from attending his meeting with the Dalai Lama because why not?

Anytown USA

- A Democratic state senator in California was charged with corruption for accepting thousands of dollars in bribes and trips

- Pew: 51 percent of victims in hate crime cases report their ethnicity was the reason for the attack

- So a bill passed the Senate in Arizona and seems to be cruising to be a law. It features the provision of allowing businesses to not serve same-sex couples

- It seems, according to a report, private prisons still want to live in a place of secrecy even with public funds supporting them

We Don’t Need No Education

- In Oakland, CA there is an organization that focuses on helping at-risk students rather than the utterly inane use of punishment

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- We have been told that there are foods that aren’t good for us (in my case chocolate), but the reality is way different than this fiction

- Jon Stewart jokes about the different amount of food safety problems that companies are dealing with from Subway to Hot Pockets

- Mayor Bill de Blasio relaxed shelter entrance rules for the homeless in New York City

The Second Sex

- A new survey reported by Telegraph found 27 percent of flight attendants reported sexual harassment in the past year

Planet Earth

- The CEO of Exxon joined a lawsuit on fracking. No, not the side for it, but against it as he realized drilling will be lowering the property value of his house. Priorities!

- One industry that will be severely affected by this drought in California will be the beer industry

- Idaho throws its hands in the air and decides the sky is pink by declaring the EPA shouldn’t be allowed to conduct regulations in the state

- The alternative of geo-engineering to stop climate change might very well lead to more heat

- So a top lobbyist for Chevron is now a “senior staff member” for the House Committee for Science (that revolving door just keeps spinning!)

- A tragedy is unfolding in California for farmers as little to no water will be available for them during this tough time

Mixed Bag

Research out of Hungary found that dogs seem to tell a happy voice apart from a sad voice

- Unable to watch the Lego Movie? Here’s a remake with kittens rather than Legos

- Oh jeez. Steve Jobs will be appearing on a USPS stamp soon

Break Time

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