I guess we should be surprised? In an act of extreme illegality and impudence the CIA has been caught not only operating domestically but doing so against American citizens who were working for the US Senate according to a report by McClatchy. 

The CIA Inspector General has reportedly made a referral to the Justice Department related to CIA misconduct for monitoring staff at the US Senate who were working on a report on the CIA’s torture program. The spies were spying on Congress.

Remember, the national security state just wants to keep you safe and is not on a power trip.

The CIA Inspector General’s Office has asked the Justice Department to investigate allegations of malfeasance at the spy agency in connection with a yet-to-be released Senate Intelligence Committee report into the CIA’s secret detention and interrogation program, McClatchy has learned.

The criminal referral may be related to what several knowledgeable people said was CIA monitoring of computers used by Senate aides to prepare the study. The monitoring may have violated an agreement between the committee and the agency.

So employees of the CIA violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act? I am sure a severe punishment is coming just like it did to Aaron Swartz – like some very forceful high fives from their colleagues at the NSA.

If it was not clear to you, yes, the national security state considers itself above the law.

McClatchy’s findings are based on information found in official documents and provided by people with knowledge of the dispute being fought in the seventh-floor executive offices of the CIA’s headquarters in Langley, Va., and the committee’s high-security work spaces on Capitol Hill…

The CIA and the committee declined to comment.

Of course, the committee staff  can’t comment because it’s classified. Who exactly runs our country again – the people who were elected or criminal bureaucrats? I guess we’ll know the answer rather definitively soon. If Attorney General Holder passes on yet another opportunity to hold these people accountable not only for torture but spying on Congress the message is pretty clear.

The facade of American democracy and freedom is wearing pretty thin when the security services can hack into elected leaders’ computers with impunity in hopes of learning information to help them evade oversight. Who watches the watchmen? The watchmen.