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International Politics


- What’s the one consistent thing we’ve seen throughout the Ukraine? Shale oil.

- John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov have agreed the country of Ukraine should uphold an agreement signed by ex-President Yanukovich and the opposition on new government. Other than that, they reached no agreement today and will restart tomorrow

- Katrina vanden Heuvel: “The Ukraine Crisis Calls for Less Neocon Bluster, More Common Sense

Middle East

- Israel has halted a “weapons shipment” from Iran that apparently was heading to Gaza; Interesting U.S. and Israel shared this intelligence

- 21 people have been killed by bombs in Baghdad, Iraq at security checkpoints and other parts of the capital

- In related news, troops in Iraq battled with the ISIS in the northern part of Iraq in Mosul. 449 suspects were arrested and 74 militants were killed

Asia and Oceania

- The questions surrounding the 2014 Indian election feature major players like the U.S. and China hoping to get some leeway there

- The attack on Kunming by militants was waged because they weren’t allowed to leave China and decided to wage jihad


- Last August, hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters were killed in a clash between demonstrators and security forces. The fault of that, according to an Egyptian panel, was Mohamed Morsi.

- Meanwhile, the three al-Jazeera journalists say they have been tortured by the military junta 


- All of these new events in Ukraine might make things a bit difficult to follow. Luckily, this article gives a chronology of what happened.

- A new poll found a majority in Ukraine and Russia want friendly relations between the two countries without any restriction, but don’t want a unified state

- Here is an interview with two international experts on if the Russian intervention into Ukraine was illegal 

- Liz Wahl of RT decided to resign from the station due to the “whitewashing” of Putin’s actions

- Here’s something worth thinking about: Turkey is dependent upon Russian oil through the Ukraine.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- It has been exactly one year since Hugo Chavez passed away. Here’s an interview on his legacy and what can be learned from his time

- Mark Weisbrot: “The Class Conflict in Venezuela

Surveillance Planet

- It seems the CIA was spying on interns working with a Senate committee that was investigating the use of torture; Obama allegedly knew about this

- In Britain, immigrant students have been unfairly targeted to fulfill the reasons of having a surveillance state

Financial Matters

- Japan will probably be the first country to regulate Bitcoin deals occurring in their country; Meanwhile, Flexcoin, a Bitcoin bank, shut down after it lost bitcoins in an cyberattack

- Researchers are saying banks are rigging the price of gold; That line between licit and illicit organized crime just keeps getting narrower

- A new report out found the rich are getting even richer, while spending for their own interest; So pathetic

- Gallup: The Job Creation Index for Gallup reports it increased, in the month of February, to 21

- More discussion on Richmond, Calif.’s decision to use eminent domain to save foreclosed home-owners

- The Federal Reserve noted that due to the cold weather, consumer spending has not been as strong as forecast

- Jon Stewart jokes on the overzealous nature the right has when it comes to food stamp recipients

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Unions in California don’t have (should be “unwilling to use”) funds to help promote a measure in the state to increase the minimum wage to $12/hour

Politics US

Washington USA

- Gallup: Believe it or not, Americans approve of John Kerry’s role as Secretary of State with a 55 percent approval rate

- Pew: Even with 68 percent of Americans seeking someone else to vote for this midterm season, incumbents are mostly safe this year. Why?

- The Senate rejected Obama’s nominee for a civil rights post in the Justice Department because of his history defending a black activist involved in a murder of an officer

Anytown USA

- A new poll found only 54 percent of New Jersey voters approve of Chris Christie, which is down from 69 in January

- The court case for Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law is underway in NYC as prosecutors accuse him of recruitment

- Bill de Blasio dropped a lawsuit against a law that made it easy to charge cops engaged in racial profiling 

We Don’t Need No Education

- The tutors working for the for-profit education company Kaplan are allowed to unionize. Here’s what one teacher had to endure during his time

- The essay section for the SATs has been dropped and other such radical changes have been implemented by the College Board

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- A new report out found diets that are rich in animal protein may be similar in risk to smoking cigarettes

- With genetically modified cells, HIV gene therapy was hailed as a success in testing; meanwhile, a nine-month old baby was probably cured of HIV according to U.S. scientists

- The World Health Organization is recommending that sugar intake be halved

The Second Sex

- The Alabama House of Representatives passed not one, not two, not three, but four anti-choice measures in one day

- A new report out of the EU found one quarter of Greek women have been affected by physical of sexual violence since they were 15 

- Meanwhile, one in 10 women in the EU have been victims of sexual assault, half have been raped

Planet Earth

- Yes, LA moving to ban fracking is all fine, but there must be federal intervention not only to discuss the question of hydrofracking but also to provide a national framework of alternative energy

- John Skvarla, the head of North Carolina’s environmental state agency is a businessman. He doesn’t trust environmentalists and doesn’t believe climate change exists. Also, he’s prevented lawsuits against Duke Energy from going through.

- A new report out found one fifth of the 720 World Heritage sites will be damaged as a result of rising sea levels. 

- Solar energy is becoming more and more popular, perhaps one day becoming a part of the mainstream, according to this report. More can be found here.

- San Francisco is almost set to ban all plastic water bottles (good news) for its environmental damage

- The U.S.S. Reagan is an unfortunate victim in the lack of accountability by countries protecting the health of citizens

- Clerics in Indonesia issued a fatwa to ban hunting and trade in endangered animals in country

- Liberal darling Warren Buffett states it’s a good idea to vote for Keystone; The left has to cut all ties to this oligarch liar

Mixed Bag

- All the poodle mixes are certainly adorable, but the ethics involved, with media hype for instance, isn’t easy to discuss

- So much for innovation. The proposed NASA budget from President Obama is unchanged from the previous year

Break Time

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