Did someone forget to brief President Obama and tell him that the constitutional government of Ukraine was overthrown?

Because Obama just completed a press conference where he claimed Crimea could not vote to join the Russian Federation because it violated Ukraine’s “Constitution.” Which is interesting because under that constitution Viktor Yanukovych is still president. The vote in the parliament in Kiev was blatantly illegal and mostly a symbolic attempt to legitimize the violent overthrow of the elected president which, not surprisingly, is not allowed under the Ukrainian Constitution.

So Obama’s position is that one defunct parliament’s vote – the one that favors US interests – should stand, but another defunct parliament’s vote – the one that favors Russian interests – should be invalidated. This is going to get fun. If the Ukraine’s Constitution stands Yanukovych is president, if it falls all bets are off.

Obama earlier today signed an executive order imposing visa bans on Russian officials as punishment for Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. He reiterated his sanctions threats and claimed the European Union was on the same page. Which also seems unlikely as Germany has been reluctant to sign off or antagonize Russia in any way.

The attempts by the Obama Administration to feign innocence and portray the Ukrainian crisis in such black and white terms is not only unbelievable it is turning the elite American media into a joke.

It’s time to stop fooling around and get serious about working out a peace deal everyone can live with. One not predicated on US officials pretending they had nothing to do with the current circumstance.