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International Politics


- The Malaysia plane that had 239 people aboard probably disintegrated in mid-air according to officials; Also, it might have turned around before crashing

- The U.S. announced it will send investigators to help with the plane, meanwhile Vietnam announced it may have found the door to the missing plane

- Iran said that a new nuclear deal with other countries may be enacted “in a few months.

- The Prime Minister of Ukraine will be heading to the White House to discuss the situation in Crimea

- The British foreign secretary William Hague said Europe is facing a “shooting conflict” if Russia goes beyond Crimea

- David Cameron: Vladimir Putin has to do much more to reduce tension in the Ukraine

Middle East

- Israeli’s Benjamin Netanyahu will look for a solution to the Israel-Palestine dispute with a view on the Belgium-Holland border

- A probable suicide bomberkilled at least 32 people and wounded more than 150 at a security checkpoint in Iraq

- Officials say the Afghanistan’s vice-president, and one of the warlords, died of natural causes

- After being held for three months by Syrian rebels, nuns will be released and sent to Damascus through Lebanon

- Arab envoys declare that Israel is not a “Jewish state” and Palestine won’t declare that 

- 50 Israeli youths sent a petition to the Netanyahu administration to not join the military (compulsory) because of Israeli occupation

- Over the weekend bombings and other violent attacks left 11 people dead in Afghanistan

- Despite the reliance on hydrofracking, the U.S. announced it won’t get out of the Arab Gulf

Asia and Oceania

- As China promotes legal reforms they seek to have less influence locally and also want to reduce the number of capital punishment cases

- A debate occurred in Japan on whether increased cancer rates in Fukushima are a result of better testing or the Fukushima meltdown 3 years ago


- Libya will send its navy to stop a North Korean tanker that has gotten oil without the Libyan government’s permission to do so

- Egypt’s General Sisi announced a $40 billion housing initiative with an Emirati constructiom corporation


- One Russian professor goes into detail on the current struggle between oligarchs in Ukraine

- Cyber attacks escalated against the Ukrainian government over the past few months

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden remarks on how the situation in Venezuela is becoming “alarming

- Venezuela announces 90 percent of its debt to Panama is fraudulent and criminal charges will result

Surveillance Planet

- The only reason the CIA spied on the Senate Intelligence Committee was because they were taking documents on how the CIA was lying about torture

- At South by Southwest (SXSW), Julian Assange told the crowd that the NSA is a “rogue agency” and we “have to do something” about it

- Emptywheel: “FISA Court Finally Discovers a Limit to the Word “Relevant”

Financial Matters

- More discussion regarding the creation of a low-cost public bank for U.S. cirizens within the USPS throughout the country that will dramatically assist low-income areas

Labor’s a-Brewing

- With 21 million people across the world forced into labor, the International Labour Organization released a short video on it

Politics US

Washington USA

- Richard Wolff: “Obama’s Economic Significance”

- On Day three and four of Creating Pastries and Cookies (CPAC) Rand Paul won the straw poll with 31 percent of the vote (Ted Cruz was second and Ben Carson was third), Sarah Palin mocks Obama on cannabis and gets an ovation for her Green Eggs and Ham “satire” she didn’t write, Newt Gingrich does the cliche right-wing critique of the Democrats, Ben Carson says he hates “political correctness,” Grover Norquist states the state of Wisconsin is the model for the GOP to follow, Ann Coulter wishes the poor would “keep their legs together” before they’re married and the DNC criticizes CPAC for having an ex-official talking on criminal justice reform who was jailed for tax fraud and lying to White House officials.

- Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY): I will decide to run in 2016 right after this year’s midterm elections

- One thing about the Capturing Partners And Crooks (CPAC) is how it is pandering to a rabid rightwing base that is not replicate throughout society

- Thomas Frank: “We are all right-wingers now: How Fox News, ineffective liberals, corporate Dems and GOP money captured everything

- Government elites participate in a dinner joking on their failures

Anytown USA

- During Gilded Age America, there were two sisters who were radicals during their time and wanted to make “sweeping changes” in the system

- One al-Qaeda member who plotted a shoe-bombing will testify from London against bin Laden’s son-in-law on behalf of the U.S. government

- Immigrants in the U.S. go out and protest for real change after realizing Congress won’t help them whatsoever

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- What goes on within the minds of a psychopath? An excerpt from a book goes in-depth on this question with scientific explanation

- Increase speed and cut inspections. That’s what will happen when the U.S. government implements new rules in the poultry industry

The Second Sex

- Despite yesterday being International Women’s Day, the state of our society is one of violence present against all marginalized people, including women. It should be on our top priority list to stop

- In Turkey, on International Women’s Day, female activists were protesting in a peaceful manner. Yet, a small group clashed with Istanbul police

Planet Earth

- If two new large oil pipelines in Canada are approved, then that means tar sands oil production will speed up and create devastating problems

- Interesting news out of Illinois as 91 communities there are powered with 100 percent “green” energy

- Terrible news as scientists found four new “man-made” gases that are depleting the ozone layer

- The Obama administration will protect more federal land by expanding what lands can be protected under federal law

Mixed Bag

- Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: “Creative Resistance: Why We Need to Incorporate Art Into Our Activism

- In the Philippines yesterday, over 10,000 women joined together to form the female gender symbol. This was sponsored by the government and Coca-Cola.

- A new report found the top one percent of musicians take home 77 percent of the overall industry profits

- A woman in Bronx, New York wins the lottery with numbers from a fortune cookie

Break Time

- Say Hey (I Love You)