One of the problems with stupid people is that they do not realize they are stupid. Congressman Paul Ryan thinks, for some reason, that people are not going to call him out on his tragically obvious attempts at stealthily playing racial politics.

After Ryan and Mitt Romney lost the 2012 Presidential Election, Ryan blamed “urban turnout.” The term’s subtext was lost on few and certainly not on comedian Conan O’Brien who riffed on the comment at the White House Correspondents’ dinner saying “After the election Ryan said President Obama was re-elected by the high turnout of urban voters. Then when he was asked  just how he liked his coffee he said ‘No milk, no sugar, just urban.’”

Now Ryan is back to his racial euphemisms – asked just what the cause of poverty is he said  the culture of our “‘inner cities.”

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) previewed his upcoming legislative proposals for reforming America’s poverty programs during an appearance on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America Wednesday, hinting that he would focus on creating work requirements for men “in our inner cities” and dealing with the “real culture problem” in these communities. “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work, and so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with,” he said.

Ryan also cited Charles Murray, a conservative social scientist who believes African-Americans are, as a population, less intelligent than whites due to genetic differences and that poverty remains a national problem because “a lot of poor people are born lazy.”

Those people of the inner city/urban areas clearly don’t have the right culture – I mean they didn’t even vote for Paul Ryan!

Friendly advice Paul, if you really feel the need to make overtures to bigoted people who think racial minorities are lazy/don’t value work and get away with it,  you should probably stop noting specific locations in the country where racial minorities predominate. The best demagogues understand subtlety. You are halfway there with the “culture” talk, since you like Charles Murray you might want to consider pretending science is also on your side when you attack non-whites. Works for Murray.