Hey folks, it’s Pi Day! I forgot to get pie today and decided to get chocolate-covered strawberries. Unsure whether I made the right choice.

International Politics


- With the situation in Ukraine extremely volatile, the neoconservative has proposals to “solve” it (it isn’t good)

- The U.S. will give up control of the internet (specifically making users find each other on networks) to a group of “stakeholders

- The U.S. responded to UN criticism of not upholding human rights by saying it’s all wrong

- While clashes occurred in Ukraine, Russia warned it will protect “compatriots” ; Meanwhile, John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov meet in London to discuss a solution

Middle East

- It seems that ISIS militants in Anbar are proving to be a resilient group against the Iraqi government

- Meanwhile, a proposed law in Iraq would allow for child marriages, as young as nine as stated in the bill and women would have to have sex with their husbands if requested

- In the Iraqi elections, votes for candidates are gained not through proposed actions, but through government job offers

- NGOs are worried donors will be jaded as the Syrian Civil War enters its fourth year

- Yemen is now facing a crisis with organized crime flourishing in the region 

Asia and Oceania

- It seems Flight MH370 has flown for hours after last communicating with traffic control, still unsure as to what happened though; Investigators suspect “foul play” invovled

- The discrimination in India resembles one of apartheid when you witness what is occurring there


- Now it seems militants in Nigeria attacked an army barracks, but were stopped and they retreated as a result of the counter-attack

- 46 Egyptians have been held in detention in Libya for allegedly living in the country illegally


- Gallup: Interesting poll out of Ukraine where 44 percent of Ukrainians view NATO as a “threat.

- The OECD recommended Greece add cheap vegetable oil to its famous olive oil and Greece laughed it off and said no, good for them

- Vice President Joe Biden will be heading to Poland and Lithuania to pressure Russia with collective threat

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- Another debate on The Real News on what is driving inflation in the country and how to stop it

- President Nicolas Maduro: The “Miami Lobby” is dictating U.S. policy against Venezuela

- The Mexican government has warned vigilantes that they can’t continue their activities anymore

Surveillance Planet

- It seems that police officers in California are now using surveillance tools to spy on the populace

- A reporter is trying to find how much water the NSA uses in Utah, the same Utah facing a drought 

- The government mistakenly places people on the no-fly list, so much so that it’s ridiculous 

- Sarah Harrison writes on the ridiculous nature of governments seeing journalists as terrorists 

Financial Matters

- Gallup: Investors have their optimism rising to 37 on the Gallup Optimism Index in the previous quarter

- Greenwich, CT is America’s wealthiest neighborhood, while New York City has the most wealthiest neighborhoods out of the top 1,000

- Major companies, like Google, are making journalism into their exclusive creation and it’s troubling that it could avoid discussing major issues

- The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation sued 16 banks for manipulating the Libor

- Now it seems a class-action lawsuit will be brought against GM over the vehicles recalled

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Could it be that businesses may find a loophole to avoid paying a higher minimum wage for tipped workers?

- A new report found the bonuses on Wall Street last year were greater than the entire income in 2012 for minimum-wage workers

- A good article detailing the current retail exploitation by companies with Levi’s as one example

Politics US

Washington USA

- It seems the Census Bureau will be making huge changes to its survey in order to make it effective in accuracy in race and ethnicity; Meanwhile, here are a few maps detailing the uninsured in major metro areas

- Hey, what’s filling half of ads for this year’s election? It’s anti-Obamacare ads from interest groups of course.

- It seems, compared to 2008, Hillary Clinton is less disliked by the populace, however it is midterm-election season

- What’s most troubling on this CIA’s investigation scandal is how the White House has protected the CIA rather than prosecute torture; Meanwhile, a top CIA lawyer involved in this has been removed

- Sen. John McCain (R-AZ): I’m “embarrassed” by members of my own party; Meanwhile, this guys finds neo-Nazis to be good people to be around, what a pathetic man

- In what seems like a PAC to immediately ban, the FratPAC (full of fraternities and sororities) has been donating to right-wing, anti-working class candidates

- High costs as a result of privatization follow when it takes over public goods

- The Obama Administration has successfully gotten insurance rights for same-sex couples

Anytown USA

- In a new Bloomberg News poll, just 18 percent of Americans say they would want to live in a state that would make it tough for gays to live in

- It seems death in American varies based on race as seen in this chart

- With Chokwe Lumumba now deceased, what will the future of Jackson, Mississippi look like?

- Yes legalization of cannabis is fine, but those at the forefront of the movement (and behind profits) are white, not the people of color who have been arrested as a result of just possession. What happens to them?

- There’s a chance in Texas not only to focus on taking down the right-wing, but also the reactionaries who stop movements

- Something that slipped my mind the last two Roundups, Northeastern University decided to suspend the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter for very idiotic reasons—leafleting

- Tomorrow the fascists (any white person who decides to invite others to defend their race is a fascist, that’s it no argument) go marching to protect whites 

- A man who was born in Athens, Greece and moved to NYC was one of the people who died in the East Harlem explosion

- Michael Bloomberg is in the news and shows how he is still right-wing by going against minimum wage increases and criticizing de Blasio for not marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade

- The number of inmates jailed has dropped with choice of reform rather than punishment as the reason

- A judge ruled that there is enough proof to jail Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law 

- The radiation leak at a New Mexico nuclear facility was preventable, officials say

- Every group in the U.S. has a lobby except one (and the most vital, may I add): the working class

- A review and analytical article on a book that deals with Western Islamophobia that will not be fixed unless major changes are set in place or else it will persist

We Don’t Need No Education

- Wyoming prefers to ditch real science on the environment and climate change as it could hurt the economy (I’m not joking)

- There is a current lawsuit to stop charter schools from co-locating (where private schools take over public spaces) as it leads to overcrowding in public schools

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- A new RAND Corporation report found the use of cocaine has dropped, while marijuana use has increased

- It seems that a new study has found pesticides can harm the development of a young brain

The Second Sex

- At Dartmouth University, a student said she was sexually assaulted and the inaction of the university led 50,000 activists to demand action immediately

- A judge struck down an Arkansas law to ban abortions after 12 weeks

- Sure International Women’s Day is great, but when neo-liberals are placed forward as representatives rather than real working-class fighters, that’s a problem

Planet Earth

- Gallup: Despite Americans recognizing there is either a drought or heavy rainfall in their area, only a few remark it’s due to climate change

- A reminder on how important energy is in this Ukrainian crisis as 16 percent of natural gas that is consumed in Europe goes through Ukraine

- On March 15, anti-fracking activists have planned a major protest on the state capitol against California Governor Jerry Brown (D) so he can come out against fracking (quick tip, just mobilize a working class party and never vote for a Democrat or Republican again)

- Now the National Nurses Union has come out against the Keystone XL pipeline due to the health risks it poses; Meanwhile, indigenous groups have remarked they would rather be in prison before allowing Keystone

- Good news for climate scientists as they can accurately predict things better than economists do

- With fracking increasing in Pennsylvania, it’s necessary to show how health is in danger with contaminated water

- Here’s a piece detailing the Wall Street connection behind 350.org’s “divestment campaign“; And you wonder why environmentalism isn’t a serious issue in this country

Mixed Bag

- Bill Gates states a lot in this interview with Rolling Stone, including Edward Snowden did the wrong thing 

- Here’s a piece detailing the small history of spam on the internet

Break Time

- Can’t Hardly Wait