It’s been 11 years since the launch of the Iraq War. Still insane to see the images of a torn country.

International Politics


- Pew: French citizens have a mostly negative view of Putin at 88 percent, while Americans negatively view him at 56 percent

- Juan Cole: “On Iranian New Year, Russia Hints It May Swing Support to Tehran Over Crimea Sanctions

- President Obama assured the search for the missing airliner is still “top priority” and will offer all available resources

- Jack Matlock, a former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union, states the reason why Russia is reacting like this is because of all the years of U.S. aggression

- President Obamaextended sanctions to key allies of Putin, who can be found here; The Pentagon, meanwhile, will help Ukraine with any non-lethal supplies

- A new report found the best place in the U.S. for international criminal organization is California

Middle East

- Part two of two with journalist David Sheen on the difficulties African refugees experience in Israel and how their human rights are being cast away

- Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel: “Open Letter From Gaza to Neil Young

- Here’s another article on the 11th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War that discusses the “bloody rise” of the ISIS in Iraq

- In Kabul, Afghanistan, four teenagers entered a hotel and opened fire, only to have Afghan special forces kill them. The Taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack

Asia and Oceania

- There might be possible debris from MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean, but the problem is that it’s still difficult to find and the poor weather isn’t helping


- The Ivory Coast handed over a youth leader to the International Criminal Court charged with crimes against humanity


- For any interested reader, here is the full text by Vladimir Putin on March 18 after signing a treaty to annex Crimea; Meanwhile, Russia said it has no military moves against Ukraine planned

- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: I will “wipe out” Twitter; This is in response to allegations of corruption mentioned on Twitter against Erdogan. Kit O’Connell has more.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- The situation in Canada with the Harper administration is troubling as it’s an embrace of neoliberalism by the government and an embrace of destruction

- Uruguayan President Jose Mujica said he is interested in accepting some former terror suspects from Guantanamo

- In Venezuela, a mayor was arrested after it was alleged he was going to incite “civil rebellion

- Human Rights Watch criticizes far-right paramilitaries and ex-paramilitaries for making people in Colombia “disappear” in “chop-up houses

- During a terrible drought in Haiti, the UN is distributing food to those affected, especially the poorest

Surveillance Planet

- It seems Google is admitting it scanned the emails of children to ensure advertisers were able to get children’s attention

- The deputy director of the NSA said the agency may release transparency reports in the future

- The co-founder of Google, Larry Page, said it’s impossible to have a functioning democracy and NSA spying

- Good news as Googleannounced it will encrypt all of its emails being sent and received

Financial Matters

- Gallup: Out of the major U.S. metro areas, Houston leads with the most jobs created, while San Diego is ranked at the bottom

- Banks in the West have been lending billions to the Russians, which makes this power struggle more interesting

- A new report found the student debt in the U.S. has exceeded, get ready for this one, $1 trillion

- Dean Baker: “Why an Aging Population Won’t Make America Poor

- Brazil said it will be investigating corruption and price-fixing allegations by major companies

Labor’s a-Brewing

- In Paris, France, workers have occupied (AP’s choice of words) the Opera Garnier because of labor rule changes

- A new study found only 11 percent of long-term unemployed in the U.S. were able to find a full-time job

Politics US

Washington USA

- Hillary Clinton at American Jewish Congress: Let’s be honest, there’s a military option on the table against Iran; Well then it seems Clinton is trying to distance herself from Obama

- Pew: 53 percent of Americans disapprove of the ACA, however 30 percent of those who disapprove of it say they want it to work

- Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) states in a letter to Eric Holden: What the CIA did was a “transparent attempt to intimidate”  the Senate

- Here’s something insane regarding the ACA, in Republican-controlled states, you could be too poor to qualify for subsidies

Anytown USA

- Chelsea Manning is petitioning a court in Kansas to recognize her legally changed name

- Very interesting article discussing, from the viewpoint of a former officer in the drug war, the problems that can erupt as a result of this “War on Drugs.”

- Awesome to hear how “Moral Mondays” is now spreading from North Carolina to Georgia!

We Don’t Need No Education

- Qunnipiac: 54 percent of New Yorkers support the no-tax plan for free Pre-K by Governor Cuomo compared to 36 percent who favor de Blasio’s tax-the-rich idea; Get ready for free Pre-K to fail as New York history shows!

- Some universities have turned to tuition breaks in order to reduce the financial burden placed on the back of their students

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- The dairy industry has quite a history in spreading misinformation to encourage increased consumption of milk for profits

- According to new research conducted on anesthesia side effects on the brain, like hallucinations, may occur even years after

The Second Sex

- Sure women might work less than men, but they have less free time than men do as this graph shows

- A new study found that education and finance are linked more with women than with men in terms of heart disease

- President Obama tells a crowd in Florida he wants equal pay for women and has a “personal stake” as he has two daughters

- It’s horrible to see, due to the culture of machismo in Latin America, a rape victim being charged for fighting back in self-defense

- With women in Jordan now leaving the household, it seems they are faced with more sexual harassment every day

- In India, four men have been convicted of the gang-rape of a photographer last year in Mumbai

Planet Earth

- Gallup: 50 percent of Americans prefer to protect the environment even if economic growth is sacrificed compared to 41 percent who believe prefer opposite

- Despite BP being reinstated as a company with legitimate claims to get oil contracts, the problems caused by the Deepwater Horizon spill still persist in the Gulf region; Meanwhile, the effects of Exxon Valdez are still being felt in Alaska even after 25 years

- An investigation by The Real News on how residents in West Virginia still are not drinking the tap water

- The Louisville Gas & Electric Company has been dumping a “steady stream” of coal ash into the Ohio river

- Exxon agreed to soon release a report highlighting the financial consequences climate change holds for its assets

- Amy Goodman: “U.S. Sailors and Marines Allege Fukushima Radiation Sickness

- Meanwhile, the Japanese government is trying to control information that comes out on Fukushima

- A new report found billions of animals in our sea are collateral damage for our fisheries

- A new report submitted to the U.N. was radical in its demand for democratic control of food production and shifting away from industrial control

Mixed Bag

- “Fred Phelps, Man Who Forever Stopped March Of Gay Rights, Dead At 84

- Okay, this is very funny. “Mischievous Koch Brothers Trick Beautiful Woman Into Thinking There’s Only One Of Them

- To boost sales, Starbucks will offer alcohol and wine services to thousands of its stores in thefuture

- Scientists have found pythons in Florida seem to have an internal GPS device (not a literal one) that helps them get back to places where they felt they got more food

Break Time

- The Storm Begins