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International Politics


- A new report found that last year 435,000 people applied for asylum in the EU, the largest in history

- Robert Reich: “The New Tribalism and the Decline of the Nation State

- The G7 decided to exclude Russia over recent action in Crimea, which isn’t troublesome for Russia

- Afghan President Hamid Karzai supports decision of Crimea to incorporate itself into Russia

- Jimmy Carter: I do not support the BDS campaign, but I do support Israel companies labeling products made in Palestine so buyers can make choices

Middle East

- Dahr Jamail explains the history behind Falluja, Iraq over the past few years, including the situation today

- UN Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay: The Israeli settlements against Palestinians are abusive and go against foundation of human rights

- Dan Rubenstein, the new U.S. envoy to Syria, said elections in Syria would be illegitimate due to the conflict there

- In northwestern Syrian, rebels captured a town near the Turkish border, which features support for Assad as it is an Alawite community

- The Yemeni government announced alleged al-Qaeda militants killed 22 soldiers in a skirmish

Asia and Oceania

- The Malaysian government announced Flight MH370 crashed into the Indian Ocean. Families of those lost were notified through a text message

- John Pilger: “Once Again, Australia Is Stealing Its Indigenous Children


- U.S. Special Forces have been sent to Uganda, at the request of the White House, in order to find Joseph Kony

- A judge in Egypt sentenced 529 supporters of Muslim Brotherhood to death


- Gallup: 46 percent of Germans say economic conditions in their country is getting worse compared to 40 percent who say it’s getting better

- 24 people in Spain have been arrested by police as they were protesting in a rally against austerity in the country

- Russia is reporting that investors may just leave with their assets in the first three months of the year due to tense political climate

- Russian and Ukrainian diplomats have met for the first time to discuss the ongoing situation between the two countries

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- It certainly isn’t reported when we review the “culture of fear”—or paramilitaries and their use of force—in Colombia, which is no stranger to it

- Just three more months until the World Cup begins in Brazil. Meanwhile, the country has deployed the army to control the outbreak of violence in the country

- Uruguayan President Jose Mujica announces it will be four Syrians and one Palestinian entering Uruguay from Guantanamo Bay and they will be free to travel anywhere they want

Surveillance Planet

- Russ Tice, a NSA whistleblower, discusses why he decided to go from someone supporting the national security apparatus to someone against the unconstitutional acts it committed

- Natasha Lennard discusses how the story on NSA spying on a Chinese company is not the major story and we must focus on the different issues brought by revelations, rather than combining all of them; Moreover, she features a piece on why the NSA couldn’t see Putin’s plans to go after Crimea

- China, meanwhile, is demanding the U.S. explain itself over new reports of spying on major Chinese company

- Jimmy Carter: Surveillance by the U.S. government has gone out of control since Sept. 11

- Emptywheel: “The October 30, 2009 Statement of Authorities: The EFF Document Fight Could Get Very Interesting

Financial Matters

- Gallup: Both San Jose and D.C. tie on the highest economic confidence, while Jacksonville, FL is at the bottom of the list

- It is a disaster (no exaggeration) when examining the financial status of Americans (half of them are poor) as income inequality is so wide that it is almost difficult to comprehend

- Here’s something you don’t hear every day. A lawsuit against Wells Fargo revealed a handbook. What’s this handbook about? Plans to rip off the government? Plans to take over the world? The handbook featured ways to fabricate foreclosure documents.

- Dean Baker: “The Texas-California Job Growth Derby

- “Abenomics”—an economic agenda by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe—isn’t producing the amazing numbers its supporters said it would. GDP for the last quarter grew at a weak .7 percent

- In a survey of economists (nothing special I assume), they expect the U.S. to grow this year, among other things I doubt would occur

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Dave Zirin: “The Lawsuit That Could End the ‘Indentured Servitude’ of the NCAA

Politics US

Washington USA

- One group without health insurance is at risk for losing out on Obamacare: Latinos. The administration is attempting it all to get them to sign or else they face a penalty.

- U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder states new policies will be put up in place for halfway houses for felons giving standardized treatment as a must, among other things

Anytown USA

- Chris Hedges: “Recalled to Life”; Hedges profiles a woman who has faced the dark side of American life

- Gallup: It seems whites have been consistently Republican relative to nonwhites over the past few years

- Pew: 33 percent of Americans say media is covering “too much” of Malaysian Airlines disaster, while 48 percent say it is right amount of coverage.

- A debate on The Real News on whether or not Baltimore should pass a law barring employers from discriminating against interested applicants with a criminal history

- Rick Scott and his staffers are under controversy after it was found they were engaging in racist humor. One of Scott’s staffers ended a phone call with reporters early due to the questions on it

- Troubling to hear 108 people are still missing as a result of a mudslide and there are fears the body count will rise from eight

- It’s embarassing to see coverage from CNN on this plane, but barely anything similar in terms of our economy or livelihoods

- 32 people were injured after a train derailed at the Chicago O’Hare airport; A union in Chicago said the operator was “extremely tired

We Don’t Need No Education

- It seems Yale University invited Henry Kissinger (oh where to begin with him) but the catch is, students were asked not to discuss it publicly

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- A new report found 29 percent of people in the LGBT community did not have sufficient funds to escape from food insecurity

- The UN is saying the cholera outbreak in Haiti is the worst in the world currently, but “progress is being made

A new report found 59 percent of Europeans barely exercise or play sports

- In Rockland, Ill., city officials said a church violated fire safety codes after admitting homeless people to help them escape from the cold.

- In Albuquerque, N.M.,  local cops killed a homeless man with a mental illness for illegally camping, which has had a fierce backlash from rightfully outraged civilians

The Second Sex

- In a new book to be released this week, former President Jimmy Carter calls for an end to discrimination against women on every major issue

Planet Earth

- Gallup: 51 percent of Americans think President Obama is doing a good job “protecting the nation’s environment.”

- The U.S. has been overtaken by China as the country with the most petroleum or related liquids imported

- 170,000 gallons of tar-like oil spilled into Galveston Bay, located in the Gulf of Mexico. I just…

- One investigator of the Exxon Valdez oil spill speaks out on how BP got away with environment destruction without a scratch on them

- Dahr Jamail: “Radiation Leak at New Mexico Nuclear Waste Storage Site Highlights Problems

- The U.S. has pledged to help Japan eliminate “sensitive nuclear material of potential use in bombs

- The Department of Energy has approved the construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal to be built on the coast of Oregon

Mixed Bag

- A worthy article discussing why Spain should also apologize to the Muslims kicked out and killed as the country apologized for discrimination against Jews in its history

- “College Admissions Office Finds Ideal Applicant Capable Of Subsidizing Tuition Of 3 Low-Income Students

- Here’s something. It seems our noses can distinguish one trillion different smells. Absolutely insane!

- A new Nielson poll found 80 percent of moviegoers depend on reviews when deciding what to see

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