The interim government in Kiev’s military operation against “terrorists” in East Ukraine has collapsed. Local people stopped the military convoy and disarmed the soldiers even taking their vehicles and parading them as trophies. The effort to root out the pro-Russian forces in East Ukraine is proving to be near impossible.

The humiliation comes after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced US support for the “anti-terrorist” operation and CIA Director John Brennan met with Ukrainian government officials.

A military operation that the Ukrainian government said would confront pro-Russian militants in the east of the country unraveled in disarray on Wednesday with the entire contingent of 21 armored vehicles that had separated into two columns surrendering or pulling back before nightfall. It was a glaring humiliation for the new government in Kiev.

The gang in Kiev may be talented at orchestrating street demonstrations and hurling rocks at police officers but it seems they have a lot to learn about military strategy.

It appears East Ukraine is genuinely not interested in being lorded over by Kiev nor are the soldiers working for Kiev sanguine to attack “terrorists.”

One of the armored columns stopped when a crowd of men drinking beer and women yelling taunts and insults gathered on the road before them, and later in the day its commander agreed to hand over the soldiers’ assault rifles to the very separatists they were sent to fight.

Another column from the same ostensibly elite unit, the 25th Dnipropetrovsk paratrooper brigade, surrendered not only its weapons but also the tracked and armored vehicles it had arrived in, letting militants park them as trophies, under a Russian flag, in a central square here.

So now the people Kiev opposes in East Ukraine have more guns and armored vehicles. Whatever the purpose of this “anti-terrorist” action was it is hard to imagine this was the intended results.

The question remains, if Ukraine breaks apart where will the line of separation be?