A shooting on Sunday near Slaviansk in East Ukraine has thrown a recent peace accord signed in Geneva into doubt. The shootings left at least three dead and led to recriminations from both Kiev and Russia that the other had broken the agreement. The area the shooting took place in is controlled by pro-Russian forces who said the attacks were from Ukraine’s Right Sector nationalist group.

The peace deal in Geneva, Switzerland was supposed to prevent shootings like the one that occurred yesterday.

The deal signed in Geneva last week by the European Union, Russia, Ukraine and the United States agreed that illegal armed groups would go home in a process to be overseen by Europe’s OSCE security watchdog.

Russia’s foreign minister claimed Kiev broke the deal and that the incident proves Kiev is unwilling to disarm extremists while Kiev claimed the incident was carried out by Russian special forces, staged to look like forces loyal to Kiev had done it.

Slaviansk’s pro-Russian mayor has asked for Russian President Vladimir Putin to “consider sending in peacekeeping troops.” If that request is granted Kiev’s ramshackle forces will likely be destroyed completely if they try to capture parts of East Ukraine.

Whether the cities and towns now controlled by pro-Russia forces will make any formal move like Crimea to join the Russian Federation is unknown, but what appears certain is that the national elections scheduled for May 25th are going to be very difficult to pull off peacefully.