While the accord in Geneva is in doubt after violence that broke out on Easter, the US reiterated its expectation that Russia live up to the deal or face more sanctions. A US official said Russia had “days, not weeks” to comply with the agreement.

What effect, if any, the current round of sanctions are having on Russia is unknown. If anything Russia has moved closer to China which offers another lucrative destination for Russia’s energy exports. China has become the world’s largest oil importer and also has a high demand for natural gas, during the Ukraine crisis PetroChina has been negotiating the final touches on a ten year energy deal with Russia.

Enter Vice President Joe Biden who visited Kiev to meet with US backed officials.

Biden, the highest-ranking American official to visit Ukraine during its conflict with Russia, planned to meet with government officials in the capital of Kiev on Tuesday. The vice president also planned to announce new technical support to help the fledgling government with energy and economic reforms.

What does technical support entail? Also, why is this the US’ business again?

Biden went on to state that the US government does not acknowledge the annexation of Crimea and wants “unity” for Ukraine which presumably means for all parts of the country to be obedient to the US backed gang in Kiev.

Not likely to happen.