In an apparent hope that using a different word for attacking pro-Russian forces would keep Russia from invading, the gang in Kiev have claimed they will “blockade” the pro-Russian groups in the East Ukrainian town of Slovyansk. Kiev also said any border crossing by Russian forces, for any reason, would be seen as an invasion.

The term “terrorist” is still being thrown around by Kiev making it increasingly unlikely that a settlement could work and that violence is almost inevitable.

The acting head of Ukraine’s presidential administration, Serhiy Pashynskyi, said the operation to dislodge “terrorists” was continuing in and around the eastern city of Slovyansk and would now focus on “totally blockading” it to prevent militants getting reinforcements and supplies. He also reported Russian military movements overnight at four locations on the Russian side of the border that were said to involve “400 tanks, armored vehicles and rocket launchers.”

“In the event of any crossing of the border by Russian troops, we will qualify this as an invasion and we will eliminate the invaders,” he said.

Tough talk considering the first incursion ended in failure. One wonders if even Pashynskyi seriously believes Kiev’s forces stand any chance if Russia actually invaded.

The US meanwhile claimed there might be more sanctions. Secretary of State Kerry blamed Russia for the instability in East Ukraine saying “military intelligence services and special operators are playing an active role in destabilizing eastern Ukraine with personnel, weapons, operational planning and coordination.”

Well, at least we have the promise of hashtag.