For those unaware of the new US “grand strategy” it involves not just overthrowing governments in Ukraine to expand power into Eurasia but also trying to encircle East Asia’s newest power, China. Called throughout Washington policy circles as the “Pivot to Asia” plan to encircle China involves both moving greater military forces into the region as well as an anti-democratic “trade deal” known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).

The movement of US military assets further into East Asia is taking the form of new base agreements. Australia previously signed an agreement and as recently as recently as this week the Philippines reauthorized US military presence in their country.

The US already has a significant military presence in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Including Australia and greater investment in the Philippines paints a pretty clear picture.

Meanwhile the State Department is trying to setup a so-called “trade deal” that will form a new government under the control of Western transnational corporations, TPP. Under the proposed agreement nearly every country in East Asia – except China – would be part of the new governing structure. Corporate tribunals would decide the fate of laws and disputes.

Not surprisingly there has been considerable resistance to a new round of US belligerence and a trade deal that surrenders sovereign rights to transnational corporations.

People are recognizing the link between the Asia Pivot where the United States is sending 60% of its Navy to Asian waters and encircling China with military bases and troops; with the TPP which is encircling China economically in a trade agreement that does not include China. This is another step in a campaign by the United States to dominate Asia and weaken China. As President Obama toured Asia he was met by protesters opposing the expansion of US empire into Asia. People are calling for US Out Of Asia in rallies, rather than seeing the US working in partnership with Asian countries people see the US trying to dominate the region and thousands are rejecting further US imperialism.

While America loses its republic to oligarchy at home it now seeks to continue to dominate the world with espionage, commerce, and force. The burden of which will be paid by the lower classes with the benefits accruing to the top 1%. To paraphrase Goldman Sachs, it’s a pretty shitty deal for 99% of Americans.

If America’s project for a new century is to continue to dominate Asia who actually wants in? Why is this America’s job again?

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