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International Politics


Part three of three with Lawrence Wilkerson on the necessity of turning toward peace rather than war or else we will all perish

- Chris Hedges: “The Power of Imagination

- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: For this international agreement, “we will not accept scientific or nuclear apartheid

- Vladimir Putin offered a resolution to the crisis in Ukraine. The U.S. media did not bother to cover that; Meanwhile, Russia states dialogue between opposition groups in Ukraine must be held

It was found British troops were stationed at U.S. drone bases in Yemen, which raises a lot of questions

Middle East

- International NGO groups called for Israel to be sent to the International Criminal Court for their crimes

- Militants in Iraq executed 20 Iraqi soldiers after capturing them as hostages

- A lawyer who fought for the poor in Jerusalem was placed in an Israeli prison and tortured. After more than 50 days, he hanged himself as a result of the pain. This is both infuriating and depressing.

At least a dozen were killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban as the annual spring offensive commences.

- In eastern Syrian, rebel infighting caused people to flee from the fighting


- Boko Haram releases a video featuring the kidnapped girls and offers their return in exchange for militants held by the Nigerian government

- The amount of undocumented immigrants entering Libya is increasing and, often times, ends in tragedy as found with 65 undocumented immigrants from Sudan who were stranded

- With instability plaguing Egypt for the past few years, a new president will not automatically stabilize the country

- A professor who has traveled to Nigeria explains its history in brief and what he saw there

- Abdel Fatah al-Sisi claims he will step down from running for Egyptian president if mass protests occur

- A suicide car bomber in Somalia killed 11 people and wounded 20 people

Asia and Oceania

- After an increase of “terrorist attacks,” China announces an increased level of police officers

- North Korea asserts the U.S. and South Korea are lying about a story of them sending a surveillance drone on key installations; Meanwhile, a South Korean official stated North Korea “must disappear soon


- SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras meets a member of Russia’s Duma and a supporter of Vladimir Putin on his two-day visit of Moscow

- The Donetsk region in Ukraine asks to join Russia after an overwhelming referendum

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- Subcomandante Marcos of the Zapitistas: “Zapatista Pain and Rage

- With one month to go until the World Cup, protests continue in the country over corruption and excessive costs of the event

- Mexico authorities say they have killed the co-founder of Zetas, who it should be noted was robbing banks rather than continuing in the drug trade, in a gunfight

Surveillance Planet

GQ interviews Glenn Greenwald on his first impression of Snowden and his documents and what is coming in the future. More on Glenn here.

- Michael Hayden, the former director of the NSA and CIA, states the U.S. kills people based on metadata; Well then…

- In other news, the new head of the NSA, Michael Rogers, states he will commit to more transparency

Financial Matters

- Robert Reich: “How to Shrink Inequality

- With poverty increasing in the Gaza Strip, used clothing fulfills the supply for a growing demand

Labor’s a-Brewing

A debate on The Real News as to whether a high minimum wage will cause unemployment

- Sarah Jaffe: “Brooklyn Teachers Strike a Blow Against Excessive Testing with May Day Boycott

- A new security company hired by Amazon was found to harass pro-union activists, despite it breaking both federal law and even the company’s law

- Early childhood educators worked with a workers’ center and a union to gain a victory to form a union, a benefit they never had before.

- At New York University, a student activist group got JanSport’s contract with the college dropped. Yet, it is only one battlefield in the fight for global labor rights.

Politics US

Washington USA

- Despite the FCC claiming they will protect the “open internet,” they still have intentions to remove net neutrality

Anytown USA

- Five companies own 32 percent of local media conglomerates, which has increased significantly in recent years.

- The NYPD announced it will stop confiscating unused condoms from suspected sex workers

We Don’t Need No Education

- Four years ago, Mark Zuckerberg gave $100 million to Newark, New Jersey to support its education system.  It barely did anything.

- The presses for universities are now considered marginal as both the Internet and budget cuts have forced it to be closed; Very shameful

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- A second person in the U.S. was found to be infected with the MERS virus in Florida.

- It seems the increase in polio in Pakistan was caused by the CIA when they were on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. More can be found here.

- Food agencies warn a major famine is taking place in South Sudan with 4 million at risk

The Second Sex

- In Britain, 22 percent of women stated they were anxious most of the time according to a new survey.

- Not only are men in China exceeding as the dominant gender, but they also get most of the benefits in positions as well.

- When Columbia University recommends women to be aware of unorthodox things on those who commit sexual assault, it does not address sexual assault itself

- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: Female genital mutilation must end

Planet Earth 

- Scientists state if the Antarctic ice collapses, then oceans will certainly rise

- Juan Cole: “No Sense of Urgency: Obama’s New Solar Energy Commitments are still Just Baby Steps

- With plankton declining as a result of climate change, the food web in the ocean is under threat

A new study found the current devastating drought in California is a result of climate change caused by fossil fuels; It’s not like the elites did not know.

- Rivers in Iran are running dry due to both mismanagement by the government and the drought there

- In the Gaza Strip, individuals there attempt to convert plastic to fuel as scarce resources force the question as to what to do for heat

- Seismologists state as a result of an exponential use of hydrofracking, there will be an increase of earthquakes

Mixed Bag

- Henry Giroux: “Noam Chomsky and the Public Intellectual in Turbulent Times

- “Report: Average American Has Just 20% Of What It Takes

Break Time

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