And you thought the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks were doomed. The gang in Kiev has decided to conduct peace talks apparently only forgetting one thing, you have to talk to the people you are supposedly trying to make peace with. Unilateral peace talks seems like a contradiction in terms.

However, some of Ukraine’s rich oligarchs as well as the US and EU ambassadors were in attendance. Which only seems fair given their role in overthrowing the previous government and starting this crisis. Though it does raise further doubts as to whether these were designed to be actual “peace talks.” If anything they were a forum to further condemn the other side.

Of course, one of the problems with labeling your political opponents as “terrorists” is it makes it difficult to negotiate with them. Committing massacres probably doesn’t help either.

Senior Ukrainian officials and leading public figures opened talks here on Wednesday that they portrayed as an effort to end the country’s six-month-old political crisis, but the provisional Ukrainian government offered little compromise and there was no one present directly representing the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine…

While some officials from the east, like Mr. Yefremov, attended the talks, the provisional government in Kiev had vowed not to negotiate with the leaders of the masked gunmen, whom they refer to as “terrorists” and “killers.” As a result there were no representatives of the separatist factions, who are crucial to reaching an accord that might resolve the crisis.

True, the talks are designed to fail but at least now Kiev can claim they tried to make peace amidst their attacks in East Ukraine.

Given how transparently futile the effort is one wonders why the US, EU, and their friends in Kiev even bothered with the charade. The Kiev-positive narrative is falling apart even in sections of the Western press let alone in parts of the world where “journalists” are not rewriting US state department press releases.

If this the best attempt at peace the gang in Kiev can muster then continued conflict appears inevitable.