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International Politics


- Despite protests last fall by American citizens against intervention in Syria, there are still governmental elites seeking to intervene in the country

- China called for the U.S. to stop with its cyberattacks after it found it was a major target of the attacks

- The White House announced, in vague terms, President Obama will be meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko next week during the former’s tour of Europe

Middle East

- Oren Yiftachel, an Israeli academic, talks to The Real News on the recent debate in Israel about the new “Jewish State” law proposed by Benjamin Netanyahu

- In contrast to reports where Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons members were kidnapped in Syria, the organization says it was untrue

- Juan Cole: “Did a Karzai No-Show Spoil Obama’s announcement of end of Afghanistan War?

- 40 Palestinians on hunger-strike were hospitalized by the Israeli government as 240 Palestinians continue their hunger strike of unfair policies and demand their release

- A suicide bomber killed at least 17 people in Baghdad, Iraq with no group accepting responsibility


- Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan declined a deal with Boko Haram to trade the 276 kidnapped girls with captured Boko Haram miltants

- With a low turnout for the Egyptian presidential elections, the government extended it an extra day

Asia and Oceania

- A fishing boat from Vietnam was hit by a Chinese fishing boat in the South China Sea, which will surely increase such tensions

- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi states Pakistan should crack down on militants; And so it begins

- It should be noted China is interested into talking with Modi to improve relations between both countries


- A quick article that states there are three points to remember about the situation in Ukraine

- Dozens of separatists were killed in a battle over an airport in Donetsk, which the Ukrainian government says they now have control over

- Pope Francis: The Catholic Church has “zero tolerance” for priests who are pedophiles

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- Plan Colombia, an effort between the U.S. and Colombia to curb drug production, led to the decline of indigenous groups in the country as a result of genocide

- With less than three weeks until the World Cup begins on June 12, protests are set to continue throughout the tournament against the pro-corporate deal the Brazilian government scored

Surveillance Planet

- A lengthy, yet important article on how the latest on the NSA shows it being a major threat to our democracy

- The Federal Trade Commission requested more transparency from data brokers since they purchase a lot of information—including personal—on consumers

Financial Matters

- Gallup: 66 percent of Americans say big businesses create “good jobs” overseas, while 43 percent say the same domestically

- Part five of eight with Costas Lapavitsas on how financialization for contemporary capitalism is not necessary for the rest of us

- IMF: Current efforts on banking reform throughout the world are too slow

- Dean Baker: “Don’t buy the ‘sharing economy’ hype: Airbnb and Uber are facilitating rip-offs

Labor’s a-Brewing

- A great article about Jorge Mujica, an independent candidate running in Chicago, and a bike ride/history of labor in Chicago lesson

- With so many stories finding issues a bout work, Kathi Weeks states there needs to re-evaluation on what work is and what work today represents

- The International Labour Organization reports half of the workers in developing countries work in vulnerable jobs

- Mike Elk: “Verizon Wireless Workers Make History in Brooklyn

- Despite Switzerland failing to pass a referendum to implement the first minimum wage in the nation, Germany seems likely to do so for next year

Politics US

Washington USA

- The Supreme Court ruled Florida’s law setting a standard for the intellectual disabled is unconstitutional, Justice Anthony Kennedy writes in the opinion it is a “condition, not a number.

- New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman asked the American Red Cross about its $300 million raised for Hurricane Sandy victims, yet did not press on as the information about the money was never released

- President Obama’s top lawyer will be investigating how a CIA officer’s name was leaked to the public

- In These Times talks to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) about a possible presidential run, the way forward and why the South is still important

- In her new, upcoming book, Hillary Clinton states, despite wishing she made different decisions, her tenure as Secretary of State was a “proud” achievement; These elites really feel proud of their ventures on behalf of the bourgeoisie

Anytown USA

- Part one of four of a very interesting report by The Real News on the dangers of a new incinerator built in Baltimore, Md.

- In California, the 33rd district is open to Democrats and Republicans to get a bunch of wealthy donors on their side with Democrat Henry Waxman retiring

- Activists in Los Angeles hope their efforts to have permanent civilian oversight of the police can spread throughout the country

We Don’t Need No Education

- Jessica Valenti: “How to end the college class war

Top Gun (Stories)

- The gun industry uses its advertising powers to get individuals like Elliot Rodger to purchase more weapons, which is wrong to do

- Richard Martinez, the father of a college student murdered in Isla Vista, Calif., calls for politicians to act rather than express their sorrow

- To discuss gun control, we also need to discuss our government’s own efforts to use violence to solve problems

- In response to these tragedies, communities could start to divest from companies making guns 

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- An extensive and special report by The Guardian on families in the U.S. filling the void on mental health since their officials refuse to help

- Hadley Freeman pens a great op-ed on how misogyny was an outlet for Elliot Rodger’s frustrations that he could not control nor did anyone else

- A study found nine in 10 Wikipedia articles on health contain errors, so readers should be cautious when reading

- The Associated Press talks to experts about mass murderers, which they say is very difficult to predict

The Second Sex

- A Brown University student files a federal sexual assault complaint against the university for failing to handle a case with her rapist

- Dave Zirin: “Pure Poison: The UCSB Shooting, Ray Rice and a Culture of Violence Against Women

- A database of stories on the social media site Tumblr reveal “When Women Refuse” to have sex with men and get attacked or killed as a result of it

- In Pakistan, a 25-year-old woman was stoned in an “honor” killing by her family after marrying someone she loved

Planet Earth 

- It seems the governmental agency in the EU in charge of the health in Europe wants to make an “escape route” for companies when a pesticide is banned

- The World Meterological Organization reported CO2 pollution in the Northern Hemisphere broke a record in terms of the high amount

- Water usurped oil as a valuable resource the U.S. views to protect and go after in its imperialistic ventures overseas

- Dahr Jamail: “The Future of Food?

Mixed Bag

Militia Leader Sentenced To 6 Months’ Probation For War Misdemeanors

- What can make famous paintings better? Cats.

Break Time

- Kaigan Doori [Waterfront]