To paraphrase Leonard Cohen: Like a bird on a wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir, we have tried in our way to be free.

Firedoglake never pulls a punch or restrains its views to suit others, there is no shading or spin, you get a full dose of what the people here believe -  sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but always unapologetically independent and free. That freedom is now under attack as the site has been under a constant DDOS assault from people who want to silence our voices.

Without your help the site will be lost. If FDL is unable to protect itself from DDOS attacks it will cease to function or be in such constant dysfunction as to be unusable.

Imagine constant downtime making it impossible to read the stories you want or being unable to write and publish your own stories at MyFDL. That is the future if the site is unable to thwart these cyberattacks.

Please consider donating money to allow the site to continue to operate freely by providing the funds necessary to protect the site from cyberattacks and pay for expenses already incurred by fending off this latest round of attacks.

In truth, the site lives or dies by the community it serves and is a part of. It is the community itself that these attackers are trying to silence. They are trying to silence you. The question is whether or not they succeed in silencing you. The question is whether or not you would like to continue to try, in your own way, to be free.