It’s Sunday folks. How is your week shaping up?

International Politics


- In the Middle East and Africa, there has been an increase in the use of barrel bombs 

- As a result of U.S. and EU pressure, Bulgaria announced it will not continue to work on a gas pipeline funded by a Russian oil company

- Secretary of State John Kerry: If those five released detainees return to fight in Afghanistan, then we will drone them

Middle East

- At least 80 people were killed in Afghanistan as a result of flooding and thousands more became homeless

- A double bombing in Jalula, Iraq at a Kurdish party office left 19 people dead

- On Saturday, a number of bombings in Iraq left more than 50 people dead

- Residents in Mosul, Iraq state militants control half of it after storming it

- A former peace envoy for the Syrian crisis states Syria is slipping into a state controlled by warlords

- Israel’s Finance Minister calls the new settlement construction in the West Bank a waste of money


- 10 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were sentenced to death by an Egyptian court

- Earlier today, General Sisi was sworn in as Egypt’s new President; “Sworn in” seems too light. Probably “made himself the only candidate to get a major position” is more appropriate

Asia and Oceania

- Near the Pakistan-Iran border, two suicide attacks left at least 22 people dead; Meanwhile, militants killed at least 13 people in an attack at the Karachi airport, while 10 militants were killed

- The families of Flight MH370 wants to raise $5 million for a whistleblower to come forward to tell them what happened to the plane


- A lengthy article about the dangers of fascism re-surging in Europe, with Ukraine as an example

- In his inaugural speech, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said the country will not go for compromises with Russia and will stand up for what they believe is right; Furthermore, he said on Sunday he will end the bloodshed in a week

- In what should not be a surprise, Golden Dawn decided to embrace its Nazi fascinations

- A new poll conducted in Spain found 62 percent of residents think a referendum should be made to see if a monarchy should still exist in the country

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- The introduction of the World Cup in Brazil revealed how democracy is deteriorating in the country with protests met with police bruality

- The Mayor of Rio de Janiero in Brazil admits the city would not be able to clean up the trash in time for the 2016 Olympics

- With the tournament starting on Thursday, metro workers in Sao Paulo decided to remain on strike

Surveillance Planet

- Jimmy Wales: For whistleblowers in the UK to come forward, something like the First Amendment should be adopted

- Google is considering adding an alert to indicate links were removed after the ruling in Europe on the right to be forgotten

Financial Matters

- Sony, a sponsor of FIFA’s World Cup, inquires how the 2022 World Cup was awarded to Qatar; Visa and Adidas also join in questioning the decision to give it to Qatar (I’m sure these companies are looking out for the people affected)

- The World Cup in Brazil exposed the special treatment corporations get and how residents are forgotten about

Labor’s a-Brewing

- A thorough analysis of the victory achieved in Seattle, Wash., on all the major players involved; Moreover, it is a precedent to help other labor struggles

- The CEO of McDonald’s, meanwhile, now supports a minimum wage for workers

- Wall Street hedge fund managers are the epitome of showing off their money rather than wanting fame

- Temp workers are an example of how corporations can spend as little as possible and avoid any accountability

Politics US

Washington USA

- With the recent controversy over Bowe Bergdahl, David Cortright reviews the history of soldier resistance during the Vietnam War

- U.S. officials say Bowe Bergdahl was tortured while in captivity with the Taliban

Anytown USA

- Despite most Americans being unsatisfied with their cable provider, they do not feel they have an option to switch

- In part one of eight, economist Rob Johnson talks about his upbringing in the 1960s in the U.S.

- With new rules in the California electoral system, it allows for establishment candidates to run without the worry of third-party candidates.

- An interview with Henry A. Giroux on where the left is currently in the U.S. and what the future might bring

- Denver, Colo., experienced a 10 percent decline in overall crime rates just months after pot was legalized; Just imagine what we can do in Washington D. C. if it were legal

We Don’t Need No Education

- Thomas Frank: “Colleges are full of it: Behind the three-decade scheme to raise tuition, bankrupt generations, and hypnotize the media

- When the free market is placed in charge of our education system, it is a recipe for disaster

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- A new report uncovered it would be cheaper to house the homeless than to let them remain on the street

Top Gun (Stories)

- Two individuals in Las Vegas, Nev., killed three people, including two police officers, and then killed themselves. They were heard saying “This is a revolution”

The Second Sex

- The significance of Somaly Mam’s lies that Nicholas Kristof pushed does affect the narrative on sexual slavery overseas, but it does not affect the discussion

Planet Earth 

- Large oil companies are set to extract all the oil they can in Mexico if it becomes open to privatization

- As the economy continues its “recovery,” carbon emission rise as well

- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: I will ensure the billion people without light will get it by 2030

- It seems there are fish that could reduce the impact of global warming, although we need to stop eating them

Mixed Bag

New Law Enforcement Robot Can Wield Excessive Force Of 5 Human Officers

Break Time

- Whole Lotta Love