One of the benefits to having a large archive of US dirty deeds such as the one over at WikiLeaks is the ability to see the unauthorized background of rising political stars. Take Dan Sullivan, Republican candidate for the US Senate from Alaska.

Prior to his candidacy for US Senate, Sullivan was in the Bush White House (43) as well as the US State Department. Sullivan’s chief political patron was Condoleezza Rice who he served under at the National Security Council while Rice was National Security Advisor to President Bush. Sullivan then went on to serve under Condoleezza Rice at the State Department as United States Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs. Rice has now formally endorsed Sullivan for Senate saying “Dan Sullivan is tireless in his defense of this country. He showed that in his service in the military, and he showed that in his service in the White House and in the State Department.” in an ad that aired statewide thanks to Karl Rove’s Super PAC American Crossroads.

Dan Sullivan’s numerous appearances in WikiLeaks are due to the Cablegate leaks from former Army Private Chelsea Manning. Sullivan’s name appears in thousands of state department documents in cases ranging from meetings in Eurasia to expand the BTC Pipeline to pushing “market based initiatives” on Climate Change in Germany.

Much of Sullivan’s advocacy on behalf of the Bush Administration is laid bare and, not surprisingly, stinks of Big Business shilling such as Sullivan’s involvement with the French government where he conspired on behalf of Monsanto and other agro-giants to push back against anti-GMO activists. The use of government resources on behalf of companies that give politicians massive campaign donations – such as with Monsanto and the Bush Presidential Campaign – is a legal gray area in the United States, but Sullivan definitely kissed the line that supposedly separates state business and business lobbying.

Then there is Sullivan’s involvement in US intelligence operations. Sullivan is cited as lobbying the brutal and tyrannical government of Turkmenistan to restart a “Surveillance Detection Program.”

Bashimov recommended that EEB A/S Dan Sullivan raise restarting the Surveillance Detection Program when he meets with President Berdimuhamedov on August 14. “But you cannot press the issue. Simply touch it lightly and emphasize it is for the protection of your embassy, and your willingness to be fully transparent about it.”

As a former member of the National Security Council and State Department, Sullivan clearly had access to intelligence information and was even tasked to lobby foreign governments about restarting intelligence programs. Which begs the question – how extensive was Sullivan’s knowledge and involvement in the illegal surveillance of American citizens during the Bush Administration? Was he aware of it? Did he approve of it? Questions that need to be asked given Sullivan’s unwitting disclosures in Cablegate.

Dan Sullivan has a WikiLeaks problem.