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International Politics


- Professor Michael Hudson explains to The Real News that the rise of the far-right shows how much of a void there is when there are no left-wing parties

- Chris Hedges: “The Ghoulish Face of Empire“; On the war criminals in our society

- The White House confirms President Barack Obama told President Vladimir Putin to stop supporting the pro-Russian separatists or else face more “costs

- What is happening right now in Iraq with Islamic State in Iraq and Levant militants shows the extent of the power of Western war criminals

- John Kerry: The future of Iraq will be determined by what will happen with ISIS and we will offer support for Iraq

- Meanwhile, legal protections for U.S. soldiers in Iraq were obtained after reaching an agreement with the Iraqi government

Middle East

The Real News uncovers the origin of distributing the land in Israel and its consequences for current times

- Ray McGovern explains how Iraqi civilians are being left out of the discussion with too much emphasis on the U.S. government

- Glen Ford: “ISIS Iraq Offensive: Can the Empire Reassert Control of the Jihadists?

- Journalist Patrick Cockburn reports on how Iraq is slipping into state full of chaos as a result of ISIS militants

- With Iraq in disarray, the Kurdish region now sees independence as a realistic possibility

- Juan Cole: “Hardliners in Israel & Iran Resist US Pivot to Iran over ISIS

- An Iraqi official said the country was worried about antiquities being smuggled by ISIS militants in cities under their control; Meanwhile, the largest oil refinery was captured by ISIS rebels

- The last eight percent of chemical weapons were handed to international authorities by Syria; Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair may have been aware of the weapons during his tenure


- Three Al-Jazeera journalists were sentenced to 10 years in prison by a court in Egypt.

- In Nigeria, a car bomb killed at least eight people and injured at least 20. No one knows who is behind the bomb.

Asia and Oceania

- Where are most of the foreign fighters for ISIS coming from? Australia.

- A mixture of air strikes and governmental troops in Pakistan left 25 alleged militants dead


- A former official with Golden Dawn says the party aims to make a “one-party” state in Greece

- Despite a ceasefire being signed between separatists and the Kiev government, fighting is still being reported between the two; A separatist leader said the group will uphold the ceasefire until Friday morning and hope to make a deal until then

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- Dave Zirin: “From the World Cup to the Washington Football Team, Indigenous People Fight to Be Seen

Financial Matters

- Economist Jeff Faux talks to The Real News on how undocumented families come from countries the U.S. has been involved in

- Central banks, which should be noted have unchecked power, are buying stocks from corporations to make investments rather than assist the economy

- Some good news was that the manufacturing sector in the U.S. for the month of June grew at a level faster than was expected

- The economic system we currently have is just like the mafia in the movies we watch where the elites in society get what they want

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Uber, the latest start-up promised by some to be revolutionary, has its share of problems associated with it that should be noted

- After going on strike for five months, a platinum union in South Africa said they accepted a deal on wages with their employer and will go back to work

- A new report from the Center for Economic Policy and Research found unions can help not only women, but also families

Politics US

Washington USA

- Gallup: 65 percent of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is dealing with immigration

- In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court upheld EPA regulations of power plant emissions although it is viewed as restricting some power of the EPA

- After Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said the wages of workers was “flat,” he made a plan to lower wages of construction workers to fund an Interstate bridge

- Thomas Frank: “Hillary Clinton forgets the ’90s: Our latest gilded age and our latest phony populists

- The latest book of Hillary Clinton, amid the turmoil in Iraq, barely mentions her work in Iraq

- In what shows the nature of the Obama administration, White House lawyers referenced the Authorization to Use Military Force bill, passed in 2001, as their rationale to kill Anwar al-Awlaki.

- After recently elected House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated the Export-Import Bank should be terminated, business leaders and even the White House came to its defense

Anytown USA

- While police officers arrest individuals for petty marijuana possession, rapists are let free to walk

- Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: “Ending Empire Is as Crucial as Confronting Wall Street

- In Chicago, Ill., a police officer shot bean-bag rounds at a 95-year-old man who refused to go to the hospital, killing him.

- Rania Khalek: “Cities Fight Obama’s Deportation Machine

- San Francisco, Calif., shows the consequences of income inequality as the poor forced to leave

We Don’t Need No Education

- Michelle Chen: “Starbucks baristudents should beware the green mermaid bearing gifts

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

A new study found a link between use of pesticides and autism rates of children whose mothers lived near fields treated with pesticides

- In West Africa, ebola cases rose with 20 reported deaths and Doctors Without Borders said this was worrisome

The Second Sex

- - President Obama told employers it would be beneficial to all parties involved if mothers were given maternal leave

- The latest abortion ban in Ireland is indicative of the history in the country against pregnant women

- Jessica Valenti: “What makes a slut? The only rule, it seems, is being female

Planet Earth 

- Last year, a train carrying crude oil exploded in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, Canada killing 47 people. Newly released documents expose the neglect that allowed this to happen.

- As a result of the growing number of icebergs, the habitat in Antarctica is slipping from its high standard

- Dahr Jamail: “Farming for the Future

- The Prime Minister of Fiji said history will show developed countries failed to prevent climate change and caused destruction of smaller states

Mixed Bag

- Gallup: 62 percent of Americans say social media does not have any influence on their online purchases

- SCOTUSBlog once again was rejected for a Supreme Court press pass for conflict-of-interest

- New Department Of Agriculture Study Finds 85% Of U.S. Farmers Woefully Kicking At Dirt

Break Time

- Suddenly I See