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Polish Prime Minster Donald Tusk

So much for press freedom. After Polish weekly magazine Wprost published transcripts from a secretly recorded conversation by Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski their office was raided by Polish security forces looking for the recordings. A prosecutor along with armed state security agents raided Wprost’s offices and seized records. According to the editor of the magazine ”physical force” was used in an attempt to seize his laptop.

The recordings detail Minister Sikorski claiming that Poland’s alliance with the US is “worthless” and that Poland gave “the Americans a blow job” and got nothing for it.

Members of the Polish government have said that the publication of material on those recordings have shaken the state and created a crisis of confidence that threatens to bring down the current government. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk went so far as to claim that the leaked recordings were “an attempt at a coup d’etat, bringing down the Polish government by illegal means.”

A prosecutor, accompanied by state security agents, raided the magazine’s offices overnight on Wednesday and its editor said “physical force” had been used in an attempt to seize his laptop.

Justice Minister Marek Biernacki said the prosecutors’ actions could be considered as “too far-reaching” and raise “legitimate concerns about breaching of journalistic confidentiality”.

Though there has been some backlash against the government for raiding a magazine to seize journalists’ files, there is no reason to suspect the Polish government will not perform raids in the future.

Meanwhile the fallout from the recordings continues as part of the transcripts dealing with UK Prime Minister David Cameron have created a rift between Poland and the UK. If the goal of those who leaked the recordings was to create problems for Poland in Europe, mission accomplished.