Ahmad Chalabi (left), Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Bremer

Call in the clowns. If the disgraced so-called “journalists” who peddled Ahmad Chalabi’s lies are still allowed in the debate over the future of Iraq, why not Chalabi himself? This is a question Chalabi seems to be asking as he makes yet another attempt at becoming the leader of Iraq.

Ahmad Chalabi is most known for helping engineer the catastrophic US invasion and occupation of Iraq. While being paid by the CIA, Chalabi spun fantastic and absurd stories about the political dynamics of Iraq being ready for democracy and Saddam Hussein’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Needless to say Chalabi and his neoconservative supporters had a lot of egg on their faces when, after the US invasion, Iraq collapsed into chaos with no WMDs to be found.

But now, according to Foreign Policy magazine, Chalabi wants to move past his disgrace and become the leader of Iraq.

To many in the West, Chalabi, 69, is still the political operator who convinced the Bush administration that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, paving the way for the U.S.-led invasion of the country. But inside an Iraq dangerously on the verge of splintering, that invasion is almost ancient history. After almost a decade of being sidelined, the man who could not win a seat in parliament in 2005 and whose name once inspired insults scrawled on Baghdad walls has emerged as a serious contender to replace Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. In fact, he believes he can save Iraq.

“The facts, you see, add cumulatively to my credibility with all sections of society,”  he says. “These people proposing me to be prime minister — [they are] not only among the Shiites but among the Sunnis and the Kurds.”

His credibility, seriously? Is this a joke or a sad commentary on how desperately chaotic things are in Iraq? Making Ahmad Chalabi Prime Minister of Iraq would be the equivalent of making Bernie Madoff head of the SEC.

Is there a stronger argument for the dissolution of Iraq than the possibility that Ahmad Chalabi might end up running it?

Photo by US Air Force under public domain.