Tim Russert spins one more time in his grave. In yet another embarrassing moment for Meet The Press, David Gregory was caught using Israeli government video claiming to show rockets being fired from a UN school with no verification, only to have to to walk back the claim later in the show. Gregory accusingly introduced the video during an interview with UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) spokesperson Chris Gunness.

Gunness could not see the video and told Gregory “anyone looking at this program would think it was unfair,” to have Gunness comment on video he had not seen and could not see. The grainy obscured video from the Israeli government purportedly showed rockets being fired from a UN school and was clearly meant to give the appearance that the UN had something to hide.

Later in the program, Gregory announced that the UN finally had a chance to review the video Gregory had been promoting and, not surprisingly, claimed it was false and did not show rockets being fired from a UN school that Israel attacked violating international law.

Israel has moved on to other weak claims after using Gregory as a tool. Now Israel claims that the courtyard of one of the schools it has attacked was “completely empty” and that Israel is not responsible for the deaths at the UN school.

Despite claims by the Israeli government and David Gregory, evidence shows Israeli military strikes killed 15 people at a UN school that was being used to shelter people fleeing their homes from Operation Protective Edge, not a base to shoot rockets from.