After getting caught in the attempted coup and murder of President Hugo Chavez, the US government backed off Venezuela a bit. The US imperialist forces had clearly botched the job in a fiasco that even dragged in the Bush White House. Chavez was staying and the tradition of asserting US dominance in Latin America would have to wait, until now.

The Obama Administration has now imposed travel bans on officials serving in the freely elected Venezuelan government. The ban follows the response from the government to violent right wing rioters who have been killing police officers and journalists in an attempt to destabilize the government after losing an election.

Some of the organizations involved in the riots received funds from the US government in a familiar pattern of using the cover of providing aid to help foment political instability.

Amid escalating tensions with Venezuela, the U.S. State Department on Wednesday announced a travel ban for officials of the socialist government it said committed human rights abuses during a crackdown on opposition protests.

In imposing the sanctions, the strongest U.S. action yet against the South American country, the State Department jumped ahead of Congress, which has been pondering a similar move since the height of the protests in March.

Yes, while the US is supplying Israel with more ammunition to kill civilians in Gaza it is imposing sanctions on Venezuelan officials for “human rights abuses.” The hypocrisy is off the charts. Especially when considering the Venezuelan officials’ real offense is being part of a government that is not willing to turn over Venezuela’s vast petroleum reserves to US intermediaries from Miami.

Apparently multitasking for the Obama Administration is undermining US credibility all over the world simultaneously.