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International Politics


- Amy Goodman: “Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 69 Years Later

- The UN Security Council agreed to condemn attacks by Islamic State forces against minorities in Iraq

- Both Poland and Canada announced deals to help supply Ukraine ahead of an alleged Russian threat

Middle East

- Max Blumenthal: “How Israel Used Its Own Civilians as Human Shields While Assaulting Gaza“;  He also explains to The Real News the vile calls by lawmakers against Palestinians

- If there is anything we can be proud of, it is that there is a worldwide rebellion against crimes committed in Gaza

- A new poll found 92 percent of Palestinians in Gaza prefer a long-term peace deal. In addition, 72 percent would prefer a peace agreement with Israel

- With an Iraqi tribe trapped on a mountain and surrounded by ISIS forces, the U.S. is considering air strikes to help them

- Meanwhile, ISIS forces continue to succeed in their campaign in northern Iraq with the largest dam in Iraq captured; Very troublesome future

- Hamas said if their demands were not met, Israel would be attacked after the ceasefire ended


- Gallup: Only 48 percent of Africans believe in their judicial system

- Amnesty International calls the shelling of civilians in both Tripoli and Benghazi, both in Libya, a war crime

- Meanwhile, the situation in Libya is a consequence of the 2011 Western intervention where there were no other plans to help it after the fall of Qaddafi


- The so-called “freedom fighters” former President Bill Clinton stood behind in the conflict back in 1999 in Serbia were, according to a study, engaging in massacres, organ trafficking and other atrocities

Surveillance Planet

- Good news as Edward Snowden was granted three more years in Russia after his asylum period expired

Financial Matters

- Richard Wolff: “Poor Polls and Obama’s Missed Opportunity

- After an arrangement with Wall Street on tobacco deals made with tobacco companies, states were left with massive debts for health care

- Argentina filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice against the United States over its debt

- President Barack Obama stated he will act if companies continue to use the “tax inversionscam tactic

- A Federal Reserve survey found 25 percent of households are “just getting by

Labor’s a-Brewing

- It is troubling when Wal-Mart cares more about the sales of Pop-Tarts rather than their workers

Politics US

Washington USA

- Lawrence Wilkerson, a former Army official, talks about the death of a U.S. General in Afghanistan and the volatile situation in that country to The Real News; In other news, John Kerry visited Afghanistan unannounced to stabilize the situation

- A new poll found 70 percent of Americans were worried that undocumented immigrants threaten the U.S.

- Trevor Timm: “The CIA is getting away with keeping every important secret about torture

- A former representative looks back on Richard Nixon, why she voted to impeach him, and the importance of Watergate today

Anytown USA

- A study from Stanford University found whites, when told blacks are targeted by the justice system, support harsher punishments

- Good news as Theodore Wafer, the man who killed Renisha McBride, was found guilty of second-degree murder. Natasha Lennard has more.

- Is it a surprise New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio upheld the “Broken Windows” theory? Not really.

We Don’t Need No Education

- Gallup: Students with debt also face higher stress levels and less wealth in the future compared to other groups without debt

- It seems a professor’s comments on Gaza jeopardized a potential job with tenure at the University of Illinois

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- The U.S. told officials in West Africa affected by the Ebola outbreak that it would have to wait months for experimental durgs as there were not enough supplies

- Are U.S. poultry firms affected by the Russian ban on agricultural? Not really.

The Second Sex

- Pew: 23 percent of Americans prefer a female boss over a male boss.

- Bad news. The wage gap between mothers with children and those without children was the same in 2007 as it was in 1977.

Planet Earth

- Part two of five with Chris Williams on why it is necessary to keep fossil fuels in the ground in order to move toward a stable environmental future

- Despite a chemical plant in St. Louis, Mich., closing down decades ago, the residue of chemicals still harms the bird population in the town

- A new study recommends telling climate change skeptics the science behind climate change making it easier for them to make the best choices

- Meanwhile, the effects of climate change are widespread with forests in Europe as one victim

- The Environmental Protection Agency will begin to regulate coal ash, found to be harmful for humans if ingested, so it can be properly disposed of

- With little options remaining amid a devastating drought, Orange County, Calif., will convert toilet water to tap water

Mixed Bag

- Gallup: Out of all the ethnic groups in the U.S., Hispanics say they are the most positive about their state of living

- Molly Crabapple: “Slaves of Happiness Island: Abu Dhabi and the Dark Side of High Art

Break Time

- Bad Moon Rising [Creedence Clearwater Revival]