While repeating ad nauseam that he will not be sending ground forces to Iraq, President Obama has been sending ground forces to Iraq. Typically the Obama Administration labels the forces “advisers.” The latest contingent of advisers, 130 strong, was sent yesterday to northern Iraq.

In June, President Obama sent 300 troops to Iraq on a “security mission.” In July, he sent 200 more according to a War Powers Resolution disclosure. And now an additional 130. Just how many troops have been sent in since we pulled out?

Dare I even speculate as to how many private military contractors are in Iraq right now complimenting these operations?

President Barack Obama has sent 130 U.S. military advisers to northern Iraq as part of an effort to help minority sects being threatened by Islamic militants there, officials told NBC News on Tuesday…

The “temporary additional forces” comprise Marines and Special Operations forces from within the U.S. Central Command region, the official said. They will not be engaged in a combat role but instead will work with representatives from the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development to “coordinate plans with international partners and non-government organizations committed to helping the Yazidi people.”

They’re just event planners, nothing to worry about. Obviously Marines and Special Forces are the people you want for non-combat roles. Also good to see USAID back in action.

It will be interesting to witness how long President Obama can play this little game of sending in troops piecemeal while publicly declaring that sending in troops is not acceptable. He has yet to be called out on it by the corporate media so probably awhile longer. But sooner or later, these little contingents are going to add up to numbers that are hard to hide.

What exactly is the threshold for “boots on the ground” to be reached?