Snipers, automatic weapons, armored vehicles, and sonic weapons were just some of the military equipment aimed at the people of Ferguson, Missouri by police for protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer. Brown was said to have been shot and killed by the officer after putting his hands up in the air.

Protests in response to the shooting of Brown were met with military equipment and occupation tactics – including the arrest of two journalists reporting from the scene who were later released.

The police adorned themselves in combat rather than riot gear and were seen multiple times pointing deadly weapons at protesters.

As night fell police demanded the protesters disperse and when they did not began using sonic weapons (LRAD), tear gas, flash bombs and rubber bullets. The dispersal tactics combined with the armored vehicles and combat gear makes it seem like Ferguson, Missouri is a war zone. Which is what happens when police are militarized.

According to The New York Times, Since 2006, police have acquired at least 867 armored vehicles, 533 aircraft and 93,763 machine guns due to US military surplus. Combine military hardware and an ideology of war on terrorism, drugs and broken windows and suddenly 99% of the public are enemy combatants.

Will this soon be every town’s future?