Monday night saw renewed clashes between protesters and law enforcement in Ferguson, Missouri with two people shot and at least 31 arrested. The police blamed the disharmony on a “tiny minority of lawbreakers” whom they claimed fired on them and had Molotov cocktails.

Before the protests took a downward turn Missouri Governor Jay Nixon tweeted how he was working with President Obama to try and ensure the protests would be peaceful. Nixon had ordered up the Missouri National Guard and Obama had made some benign public comments on the unrest in Ferguson – none of which stopped the unrest.

Also among the arrested were journalists whom police claimed did not follow procedure or were not properly credentialed.

As the protests escalated police officers were once again seen pointing their guns at unarmed protesters. Tear gas, stun grenades, and LRAD sonic weapons were used to try and subdue and disperse demonstrations. The crackdown came despite what seemed like assurances from Governor Nixon that protests would be allowed to occur without much interference from police.

In response to the continued unrest President Obama announced he was sending Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson. Holder is scheduled to be in Ferguson on Wednesday to meet with FBI and DOJ officials who are conducting a criminal investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown.