Apparently ISIS did not get the memo differentiating airstrikes from ground troops and has now warned that if US forces kill ISIS fighters in Iraq the Islamic State will retaliate against Americans “in any place.”

In a video put out on social media ISIS says “We will drown all of you in blood” should the US airstrikes kill ISIS fighters making it rather clear that the US can not bomb people while claiming to be neutral.

No one told ISIS airstrikes don’t count, a point that seems to have completely escaped the establishment media and the White House – if America goes to war with ISIS, the group will retaliate. It seems 9/11 did not, after all, pierce the bubble of American exceptionalism. Policymakers in the US still think they can go around the world killing people and expect no consequence for their actions.

Islamic State militants have threatened to attack U.S. targets ‘in any place’ in revenge for American air strikes against them in Iraq. The extremist group posted a chilling video showing a blood-spattered Star and Stripes next to the jihadist flag with the message in English: ‘We will drown all of you in blood’. The message was accompanied by photographs of an American who was beheaded during the U.S. occupation of Iraq and victims of sniper shootings.

Unlike Al Qaeda, the Islamic State has so far focused on seizing land in Iraq and Syria for its self-proclaimed caliphate, not spectacular attacks on Western targets. It came as President Barack Obama announced that Kurdish peshmerga troops, supported by U.S. jets, had recaptured the strategically important Mosul Dam, hailing the offensive as a ‘major step forward’

So this is a fun game isn’t it? The US bombs ISIS fighters in Iraq, ISIS retaliates by killing any Americans it can get its hands on, then the US officially declares war on ISIS and another round of combat can commence. Maybe if ISIS retaliates on a large enough scale ground forces will be authorized! You can almost hear the stock rally for defense companies now.

If the US ever hopes to extricate itself from Middle East affairs – and many US policymakers hope for just the opposite – then it is time to start cutting deals not making demands. Given the US toppling of Saddam and arming of Maliki’s soft army has led to ISIS being as powerful and well armed as it is, perhaps it is time to take a step back before jumping into more military action and making a new sworn enemy in the Middle East.

Otherwise, you can expect to see another wave of wars in the Middle East where US men and women will be asked to once again die in vain.