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International Politics


- I rarely place titles anymore, but I feel this speaks for itself: “Obama’s ‘Catastrophic Defeat’ in Ukraine“; I had much suspicious on a setback by Kiev forces after they bragged how close they were to winning in the east

- Meanwhile, the EU threatened the use of sanctions against Russia and the White House defended such a decision

- Despite praising the U.S. on certain issues, a UN report criticized the U.S. for policies involving surveillance and racism for instance

- Glen Ford: “Obama Schemes to Attack Syria, Under the Guise of Fighting ISIS

Middle East

- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated new sanctions by the U.S. were an “invasion,” although he did say negotiations with the West was still on the table

- Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah claimed Europe and the U.S. were at risk of a terrorist attack if there is not a strong response to Islamic State forces; Is this a bluff?

- It would take 20 years to rebuild Gaza after the shelling by Israel, from a depressing new report stated

- The calls from the Syrian government to work with Western states against IS is one for leftists to distrust the existing regime

- Looks like Israel will be making more settlements in the West Bank

- An official of Hezbollah warned IS would strike against Lebanon next

- Iraqi troops took over another town from IS forces as they continue their campaign against the organization

- Israel cut some of its government spending in response to the $2.52 billion it spent for the bombings in Gaza

Asia and Oceania

- Australia announced it would provide supplies and weapons to the Iraqi government to fight IS

- Protests in Pakistan were broken up by police with three people dead and more than 400 injured


- Islamist militants took over a compound of the abandoned U.S. embassy in Libya; It should be noted Libya Dawn, a militant group, took over Tripoli, which means the country will experience more instability


- The reactionary Hollande government in France dismissed its moderate officials in order to continue with its austerity program

- Ahead of a meeting of NATO members in Wales next week, anti-war protesters marched against the organization

- Pew: 59 percent of Russians do not believe Russia and Ukraine are at war

- Russian President Vladimir Putin called for “statehood” for eastern Ukraine

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- It is definitely true there are things to learn from Cuba when it comes to issues in the U.S.

Surveillance Planet

- In order to kill Kurdish rebels, Turkey relied on NSA data given by the U.S.

Financial Matters

- Thomas Frank: “The 1 percent’s long con: Jim Cramer, the Tea Party’s roots, and Wall Street’s demented, decades-long scheme

- Professor John Powell speaks with The Real News about the special interests in jailing blacks

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Journalist David Goldstein reports on how the victory for $15/hour was obtained in Seattle, Wash.

- California lawmakers passed a bill in order to protect temp workers from labor abuses

Politics US

Washington USA

- Part one of four with journalist David Cay Johnson on the fallacy of the American Dream

- There’s bipartisanship in Washington with a unified call to restore American imperialism American control stability to problems in the world

- With an upcoming midterm election, it means more political advertisements as the influx of big money continues

- In 1994, a law was passed for the Department of Justice to collect data on excessive use of force by police officers nationwide. The thing is they haven’t really done that.

Anytown USA

- There is an article in CounterPunch featuring an interview with a community activist on the state of New Orleans, La., in contemporary times after Hurricane Katrina in 2005

- In Oakland, Calif., activists want to stop a SWAT program called Urban Shield as it relates to the militarization of the police

We Don’t Need No Education

- Unfortunately, as with the awful mainstream narrative, teachers are vilified for inane nonsense. It should noted such myths in the mainstream narrative about them are just that: myths.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- A brilliant article by Louis Proyect on the consequences of a capitalist system when it comes to our medical system and cancer

A new study found a reliance on social networks diminishes a one’s personal well-being

- The World Health Organization stated containing the Ebola virus in Senegal is a “top priority

The Second Sex

- Good news as a federal judge ruled Texas laws restricting abortion were unconstitutional

The Feminist Wire featured two powerful articles on sexual violence and what is considered normal in society

Planet Earth

- It seems likely California will be the first state to ban plastic bags for environmental reasons

- Nations should stop saying they will commit to curbing climate change as they build more fossil-fuel power plants for themselves

Mixed Bag

- The history of the Coca-Cola company is one example of a capitalist system built for profit with exploitation

- The St. Louis Rams cut Michael Sam, the first openly gay football player, although he could be drafted by another team

- Natasha Lennard: “The Islamic State and the Cynicism of Nazi Analogies

Break Time

- Take Me Out [Franz Ferdinand]