Perhaps one of the reasons Senator John McCain has been so consistently wrong about world events is that he is living in an alternate reality. Over the weekend Senator McCain told Face The Nation that former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich was “overthrown peacefully by the people of Ukraine.” Regardless of how you feel about Viktor Yanukovich it is flat out wrong to claim he peacefully removed from office – obviously and comprehensively wrong. It is so amazingly inaccurate that in order to to say it you either have to be a shameless liar or mentally defective.

Contrary to McCain’s bizarre description, the battle in Kiev that led to the ousting of Ukraine’s democratically elected president was violent and intense with deaths on both sides via gunfire and other means. Fires lit the streets and blood was shed – in what world is that a peaceful overthrow?

Unsurprisingly, McCain’s ridiculous assertion went completely unchallenged by CBS host Major Garrett.

GARRETT: What should be done in the Ukraine? The president is talking about more economic sanctions when he meets with NATO leaders next week in Europe.

MCCAIN: First of all, we have got to realize what Vladimir Putin is. He is an old KGB colonel that wants to restore the Russian empire.

When Yanukovych was overthrown peacefully by the people of Ukraine, indicating their commitment to being part of Europe, Vladimir Putin had to take Crimea because of his desire to have that naval base and access to the Mediterranean. Then Vladimir Putin thought that he could excite enough separatists, enough pro-Russians in Eastern Ukraine to establish some sort of area under his control.

Not even close to accurate. Is McCain this out of step with reality or is he trying to rewrite history to make his warmongering seem more reasonable? Trying to shove the violence of the reactionary forces who overthrew Yanukovich down the memory hole is one way justify US intervention. Also notice McCain left out the massacres of civilians in East Ukraine by Kiev forces and no mention that the people he wants to arm have open connections to neo-nazism.

Given his track record, McCain’s knee-jerk warmongering is to be expected. The question is how much the rest of the DC establishment will go with him and will they be dumb enough to try and start a war with Russia?