The Nation Magazine Endorses Health Care Legislation

The Nation magazine has endorsed the health care legislation about to be voted on.

The publication issues the now-boilerplate Orwellian characterization of what is to be gained:

" … What about the legislation itself–what does it accomplish? On a concrete level, it expands health insurance to as many as 30 million Americans who are currently not covered; on a symbolic one, it makes clear that the government–not the market–is responsible for healthcare. Those are no small achievements …"

The language "expands health insurance to as many as 30 million Americans" for example, is simply outrageous. This language should read "it forces everyone in America, no matter how poor, to buy the products of the health insurance cartel".

And then to claim that the government having passed lobbyist-authored and lobbyist-driven legislation is an example of how "the government–not the market–is responsible for health care"?!

The claim should read that the legislation makes clear "that the government passes legislation written by corporate lobbyists primarily".

And then, let’s take a look at this gem:

" … For all these reasons, we support passage of the bill, even as we urge the progressive community to begin the struggle immediately to correct its many flaws and improve its protections. Some of this can be done quickly, via the reconciliation process. Some of it can and should be done with new legislation, such as robust public option bills by Senator Sherrod Brown and Representative Alan Grayson and proposals to expand Medicare and eliminate the health insurance industry’s anti-trust exemption …"

I am so tired of seeing the word "flaw" applied to a public policy disaster I could puke! Every single apologist for this atrocity waves their hands at some fuzzy "flaw" or "flaws". I see red as a result. But more to the point, notice how:

" … Some of this can be done quickly, via the reconciliation process …"

invokes the reconciliation process as if it exists in the future? I had to write a letter to their editor informing them that the Senate parliamentarian has already stripped the only remaining big gain in the reconciliation "sidecar" being considered – the review authority – out of the "sidecar". I had to write in this letter that the reconciliation language will apparently include an increase in the already-egregious excise tax.

These fools couldn’t even address the reality of what "reconciliation" is actually being used for – to make the atrocity even worse!

Instead, they wave the magic want of "reconciliation" to suggest the mythical "public option" will return once again.

Nancy Pelosi has already permanently killed it this week!

My conclusion is that The Nation is a Democratic Party publication and nothing more. They are endorsing the legislation because it is their job to pacify angry leftists and progressives for the Democrats.

I am appalled by The Nation. I am absolutely appalled!

Do they think we are all totally fucking stupid?! Do they think this sad sack piece of shit editorial is going to convince anyone that the act of economic rape being committed against us is somehow the first step in the Brave and Mighty Democrats leading us forward to A Better Future? Are we this totally fucking stupid in their editors’ eyes?!

And what about The Nation and feminism? This ridiculous publication has played host to every angry feminist author on The Planet. The publication, along with its female staff and editor, has paraded itself as the most outspoken place for outspoken women on the issues of rights and reproductive freedoms.

What do they have to say on the anti-abortion language in the legislation they are endorsing?

" … It also encodes restrictions on abortion coverage that are a major setback for the prochoice movement (see Katha Pollitt in this issue) …"

WHAT?! That’s it? A one sentence acknowledge that there is (oh yeah) a major setback for the prochoice movement in the legislation they are endorsing (parenthetical reference to something Katha Pollitt wrote)?

All of their loud, proud feminism and Code Pink-this and NOW-that and NARAL-the-other-thing over the last God knows how many years amounts to solely "the legislation does royally screw women (parenthetical reference to occasionally publishing fluff author)" when they endorse legislation that sets up a challenge to Roe v. Wade?!!

The magazine has disgraced itself. It’s a Party publication now. Don’t subscribe to it if you don’t already, cancel your subscription if you do, and recycle your existing copies.

If only all the serious thinkers and political reform leaders who have published in the pages of that magazine over the last 100 years could all just reach out from the beyond the grave and retract their publications given the status of The Nation as The New New Republic I am sure those figures would.

The Nation magazine: get lost! You’re a bad, sad joke now! And the next time that your loud, somewhat air-headed editor vanden Heuvel goes on TV and starts complaining about the Republicans being the "pale, male, stale party" all a lot of us will think about is how her party just endorsed legislation that sets up a real challenge to Roe v. Wade. Nation magazine: take a long walk off a short pier, do us all a favor.

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