Queen Noor Speaks Out

Queen Noor provides some facts about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza in this interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC: 80% of Gaza residents were dependent on food aid before this military crisis began; 50% of Gaza adults are unemployed; the production of food had ground to a halt; few medical supplies were getting through due to an 18 month blockade prior to this military crisis.

"Imagine today what the women, the children, the men of Gaza are facing today."

Andrea Mitchell, predictably, accuses the Arab world of "not speaking out," while a member of the Jordanian royal family sits right in front of her speaking out on behalf of the residents of Gaza.

Noor replies that "what is often lost in the discussions about this is that the entire region is destabilized every time there is military conflict. And every time there is disproportionate use of force against what is a fundamentally helpless civilian population that is essentially living under occupation in the sense that it has no control over its land, sea or air borders.

"It has has no possibility of economic activity, it has no control over its electricity, its gas or its water supplies — this is just Gaza! And the West Bank is also, with the expansion of settlements and the roadblocks is also struggling to have any kind of economic life and possibility for its citizens. They are suffering with 50% or so living under the poverty line. So what is missing is that context: and for Arab governments in the region (and I don’t speak as an official of any country) the absence of a peace process!

"The political will to implement a peace process — a peace process between the Israelis and the Arabs that will for once and for all sap the power of the extremists, sap the power of the recruits to the extremist forces who are forced there because they have no hope, they have no economic opportunities, their families are destitute or killed and suffering unbearably through, for example, this latest situation.

" It is a situation that is, I think, depriving Israeli citizens of security, Arab citizens of security, and the peace process of any life that might have remained in it."

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