Another Right-Wing Myth Shattered: Turns Out Renewable Electricity Standards Don’t Affect Rates Much

One of the big tales pushed by the shills for dirty energy is that mandating greener energy makes our electric bills skyrocket. Turns out that’s baloney:

Upon examining electricity rate data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration spanning the decade from 2000-2010, a Center for American Progress analysis found zero statistically-significant difference in how renewable electricity standards affect changes in rates. In states where we do see rate increases, it is difficult to quantify what impact these standards had compared with the myriad other factors that drive changes.


In 2008, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory examined the range of states with renewable energy targets and found a roughly 1% impact on rates. And in a progress report on Michigan’s renewable electricity standard issued last month, state regulators found that renewable energy contracts were coming in 30% lower than contracts for coal: “the cost of energy generated by renewable sources continues to decline and is cheaper than a new coal-fired generation,” concluded regulators.

The question is: Will the establishment media, which gets lots of ad revenue from dirty-energy companies and their lobbying organizations, dare to notice this?

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