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Feds Will Bust CA Pot Shops!

Despite a 15 year old CA law legalizing Pot Shops for prescription dispensing/sales the DC/CA Feds continue and are now further escalating efforts to shut the whole movement down.

I am at wits end as to why in the hayall the Feds are taking this tactic given the state of the nation, the proven disgust and disenchantment with our politicians and political process and the general bad economy under a time when the nations citizens have OVERWHELMINGLY clamored for the legalization of pot in poll after poll (see FDL archives for poll linky’s, they are there and well known amongst FDL readers so no trolls need to spout jive talk).

Reduce the criminal aspect, lower prison rates, create jobs, pour taxed money into local economies nation wide . . . hundreds and hundreds of reasons to end the prohibition of pot and decriminalize it off the FDA list as a harmful and illegal substance.

This is, in the face of Occupy and Oct 6 DC, a very foolish tactic and is gonna further inflame the protests nation wide and piss off more n more people.

Perhaps, that’s the intent, so as to be able to incarcerate MORE people in the private prison systems . . . and grow THAT horrid economy . . . the blowback is gonna get real weird on this I’m afraid . . . yet another straw breaking the camel’s back . . .

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