Movie Night Preview: Svengali World (webseries)

Monday, February 8, 2010 8:00pm ET, over at FDL.

Svengali World (webseries)

Chat with Producer/Director John Roecker, and host Lisa Derrick.

NOTE: Adult Themes, Sex, Violence.

Each week you are invited to watch the online adventures of Svengali (actor/director John Roecker) as he sometimes solves the most baffling and bizarre cases in Los Angeles, all the while drinking and driving. Graphic sex and raunchy humor permeate this transgressive, gender bending parody of the TV detective genre, that subtextually confronts societal norms. Not for the faint of heart, homophobic or easily offended.

In this, the premier episode, Svengali is joined by Daisy Chain (Mikey Brannon) the whore with a heart of gold, the evil Professor (special guest star Tim Armstrong) and a cast of literally dozens, as he tries to solve a brutal murder which may get him back his badge.

This webisode series is not sponsored by corporate enemas like Microsoft, it’s simply fueled by delicious booze. Yep this series is like an infectious disease that will give you delightful diarrhea.This is more than a series, it’s a way of life. It’s Svengali’s World and we just live in it.

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John Roecker – Indie/Punk director of underground alternative movie Live Freaky! Die Freaky! Also produced The Network: Disease is Punishment and the Green Day documentary, Heart like a Hand Grenade. Pushed the boundaries of good taste with his film Live Freaky!, Die Freaky! a stop-motion puppet drug/sex orgy and musical about the infamous cult of Charles Manson. Very hot! (From the Urban Dictionary)